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You + Your brand + Your business.
1:1:1 Service. Exhilarating Audits, Brainstorming & Breakthroughs.

Self-Magic School™

Come ALIVE in your business!
Wake up through your visuals, video, audio and in person.

Brand Development

Take your business on a Playdate.
Craft a personal brand that stands out like 5th Avenue windows.

Greece 2018

Finding Your Self-Magic. Workshop/Retreat to Paros Island, Greece. October 2018.

I Work with Color

This is my official tool of creation. Accessible and universal. Colors make up your flag, identity and style. Colors make you visible and expressive. Colors even control traffic!

Color is the perfect tool for transformation. It’s both physical and metaphorical. It spells any mood and has the power to evoke another. Color can get your innocence, your fire and your witch–out. Without much foreplay.

I use Color both as an Artist and as a Coach.
I use Color to help you:

Build confidence.
Mark your territory.
Color your voice.
Develop your competitive edge.
Awaken your everything.
Define your aesthetic.
Craft your Personal Brand.
Expose your traits and desires.
Examine your creative process.
Expand beyond belief.
Step up.
Heal your wounds.
Lead with your creativity.
Create your content.
Become an inspiration.
Stand by your work+art, not behind it.

I use Color to help you Come Alive, Shake up + Show off.

SHAKE UP + SHOW OFF: 6+1 Keys to Crack Your Personal Brand

Branding is a LOT of things. Definitely not only logo, colors, graphic style and so on…

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