Create original stand out visuals for your brand 
(even while staying at home!)

 *Quarantine Edition 

A 4-week training + coaching intensive.

All you need to build a never-ending bank of smart, powerful
imagery & epic headshots using what you’ve got. 
Use any camera, or only your phone. 


Are you ready to wow your existing AND NEW audience with eye catching images that speak to the heart of what’s happening now, and can’t be ignored?

☑️ Learn how to take your brand photos NOW, while still in Quarantine

☑️ Create powerful imagery & epic self portraits to last beyond lockdown

☑️ Uplevel your marketing so that you’re relevant + stand out from the crowd

☑️ Keep your social feed fresh, lively and more interesting that EVER!

☑️ Boost your joie de vivre and create imagery that pops with personality!

☑️ Generate joy with your marketing and be a beacon

☑️ Get the community, support and guidance you need to stay focused and optimistic, in spite the turmoil

Hey, I’m Monicka, Creative Director & Coach. Image & Brand Strategist. Creator of Visual Engine. Founder of Self-Magic Woman: An online, Self-Discovery Studio for female leaders, becoming their next identity and face of their business.

I insist that that the paradox of the BE YOURSELF era is that the biggest question, is still this: Who Are You??  

In these chaotic-coronavirus times, this question is more important than ever.

My mission?
Stay Home and Come Alive!
With dynamo creativity and playful boldness I help my clients reinvent themselves. 

They connect deeper to themselves and navigate uncertainty with creativity. They expand their vision, and pull in their perfect people (& profitability.) 

REINVENTION isn’t now a matter of desire or choice.  

It’s not even a necessity. 
It’s what will be.

Who will you be?


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