There is one simple and very fun thing that will ensure you will be more YOU…

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As an entrepreneur building my business online, I see all this effort of me and many other entrepreneur friends, on how to be yourself, how to be more authentic, how to be more connective, how to be more honest, and natural, and also feel good about it. So there is a lot of talk about “How to be more You”.

Today is Purim (Masquerade Jewish holiday), so that’s why I have on this hat, and everyone is walking out dressed up. So today if I went out like this it wouldn’t be wired at all, no one was raising their eyebrows, people are smiling to see me like that, I also had my red glasses on, and this really nice dress on…

So the thing is, that there is one thing you can do, to be more you, and it is actually NOT to be you.

There is this saying (by Oscar Wilde) “be yourself, everybody else is taken”, but that’s the whole thing.

For example, look at this hat. You can tell I am not walking around in this hat every day. But by putting on a hat that’s not me, by getting into a character, by trying to be someone else, what happens is that I am actually MORE me.

[Tweet “By putting on a hat that’s not me, what happens is that I am actually MORE me.”]

By trying to be someone else, by dressing up, not the way I would normally dress up, by putting on this funky hat that is not my normal outfit. So by dressing up, spicing things up, going a little bit into fantasy world, escaping from You, actually brings you more to You.

Because let’s face it. What would you rather have: me here, behind my computer , hugging my latte, not talking to you. Or, me here, wearing this hat, live on FB, the most scary thing for me right now, (well, maybe not anymore, at least till two minutes ago, it was the scariest thing ever), talking you. Right?

So, if you dress up, put on a funky hat, something that is unusual for you, actually more of the You that usually can not come out, is coming out.

Find ways to come out of yourself.

Can you come up with a few items that you can put on to instantly transform you to MORE YOU??