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So, hi there

This is Monicka Clio Sakki, Image & Brand Strategist.


And in this masterclass,  I’ll show you how to take charge of your image, like nobody’s business. 

And how to fuel your business with magnetic content, joyful confidence and spunky enthusiasm.  



I’ll show you how to create a brand like a Self-Magic Woman.

Yes, that’s my signature process on how to develop a visual language around your work and business–bursting with YOUR energy.

That’s how you create a personal culture, that is vibrant, vivid AND visible

And that finally feels like… YOU.


The not-so-secret, Secret?  

Bring out MORE of who you are. In your business and in your daily life.

In fact, go over the top and Exaggerate. 

The more you magnify & amplify, sister, the more YOU you become.

You won’t drive people to look for the mute button. I promise.

So, stand by your work, put the You in your business, and… dominate the scene. 

Are you ready?

Because, like my favorite icon, Iris Apfel says, 

“You don’t find out who you are, unless you work at it.”



But first, 

Who Am I? To tell you all that? 

So, I’m Monicka, an award winning Artist, designer and Creative Director. Also a maximizer & improver of systems. Creator of The Sakki-Sakki Tarot–for the Artist in Each of Us. Co-author of its companion book, Playing with Symbols. 


Before I started my business online, I worked in the publishing industry. I got to know established licensed properties such as Disney, Mattel, WarnerBrothers and Nickelodeon. My favorite? Scooby-Doo! That’s where I learned from the inside, how top brands are structured, and how to rock a style guide.

But when I set off to create my own name, personal brand, it was clear that I needed to get in the picture. 

Since I needed more and more pictures for my website and social media, I got into a different form of art. And a whole other game.  

Why I say “game?” because I wasn’t looking to play, …but this exactly what happened.  

I used found objects, such as candy wraps, bread, dry color tubes, empty egg shells, lego blocks (more on that later) to generate a visual vocabulary for my social media from scratch.

The unexpected ingredient? I discovered parts of myself, that haven’t been expressed before.   

The effect of this practice was unlike any watercolor, painting, collage or clay activity I’ve engaged with before.

For the first time, I was both an artist AND a product of art. 

I felt soooo resourceful. I wasn’t only the creator of beautiful imagery and a symbols nerd. I also became known as someone who has an infectious passion for life, color, creativity, and play. 

Who knew???


The practice, that started because I needed to feed my hungry Instagram feed, ended up feeding my soul. 

Like Alice in wonderland, I went down the rabbit hole with wide curiosity…. And created imagery following all the Eat me, Drink me, Open me, instructions. 

The result? My research deepened, my work shifted, my abilities expanded, 

and so did my dreams. 

The good news, is that I found my way back, and ready to share my insights, viewpoints and methods with you!

Talking about viewpoints, this audio was hugely inspired by Erika Lyremark, and her product design studio – Set The Trend.


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So, Where do we start?

By putting in place a curated collection of visual business assets. 

These images are Authentic, Self-inspired and brand defining. They’re Smart and Easy to make. Versatile, so you can mix and match. 

And they’re bootstrapped, and… of course, Surprising.

When you show imagery specific to you, you become more relatable, and trust worthy. People will connect with your obsession for designer ankle boots. with your particular taste for tarot cards. Or with the view from your neighborhood coffeeshop named Banana Beach.


That’s not something that can be done with stock photos!

And like marketer Mark Shaefer wrote in his book KNOWN,

He said: 

Never publish content that can be created by someone else.  

Because honestly. Why should you?


So, what else you put in your visual bank? Self-portraits.



Because if you’re a business owner, who wants be seen, so you can sell your unique offerings, you must get Visually Confident. 

You need to be willing, and able to enjoy showing up on camera, creating videos, going live and so on. 

You need to accept that you’re the face of your business–and allow to be seen. In all sorts of ways. With your hair in a tight roll or jumping on a trampoline, not caring about your hair, at all!


Cause,  People want to do business with real people. Showing your face is the basis for connection.


These are vital points of business building. 

Women especially, have to get over themselves. If you can’t come on camera unless you’re 100% polished, you’re losing money. A lot of money. 


So, my top strategy?

Take charge of your image by taking your own pictures!


Now, let’s get real here:  These things happen. 

Hiring a pro photographer is really expensive, super stressful, and it’s hard to keep up to date. What if you change your hair? Or your weight shifts? These things happen.

You look different then – and When will you book your next photoshoot? Ah?


My mantra when it comes to taking self-portraits is:

No lens will love you more than your own.


While Professional photographers absolutely have their place, I urge you, PLEASE,  to take more photos using y  our own camera, your own eye, your own creativity. 


The practice of taking your own pictures, has a way of showing you exactly under which hood you’ve been hiding. It works like a mirror. It reflects back to you, all the wonderful pieces of yourself, you keep RESERVED. 


By doing your own photos, you’ll save ton of money, and you’ll have the ability to creatively experiment and expand your abilities. With no limits of takes, outfits and budget.

Nothing beats the benefit of generating as many professional-looking photos as you want, that look and feel like YOU.


Also, the imperfections of your non-professionalism, will work to your favor, more that you can imagine.

Because believe me, it is possible to hide behind pro photos. 


Who doesn’t need more visuals? For your website, IG, IG Stories, FB, FB Stories, Pinterest and the next social media thing. 

This way you’ll always have unique imagery, and Never fall short when you want to post something. 

You can easily supply your need for visuals without having to rely on a professional photographer ALL the time. 


Not only that, but there are a few serious benefits in this practice.


Like you will look REAL Good. REAL as in you actually Look like yourself. People will actually recognize you.  

Sometimes I see women looking glamorous in pictures, and then when you see them on video, or in person, you don’t even recognize them!

As a Self-Magic Woman this will never happen to you!


Self-Portraits also have a huge healing aspect to them.

They are pure medicine, working faster than fizzy Aspirin tablets w vitamin C.


Taking your own pictures will also improve your body image (even if you only take pictures of your face (or your feet!)

And not only your visual representation will improve, but also your voice. Your actual voice. 

You can’t hide confidence…


You get to spend some quality, off screen, time with yourself and discover your most magnetic personality. 

You’ll find yourself practicing Self love, and self-acceptance, on multiple levels, even if what was on your agenda in the first place, was to have a visual for your opt-in page.



As a business owner who goes through this process, you’ll find your way to develop your personal style.

Truth is, Nobody was born with style.
But it’s a core muscle to master. And an essential one as a woman.

What shapes look good on your curves?  Is your grandma’s belt a nay or yay? How do you complement your personality with what you wear? Is your statement necklace making the right statement? How do you put yourself in the world in a way that your hats match your guts? Ah? 

And like Anna Wintour says,

In fact, now that we’re talking about style, and getting creative with your image, let me add that:


Your most creative identity is also your most authentic identity. 

People often ask me:

How can I show up as my authentic self. How can I show More of who I am?

The answer isn’t “show up in your yoga pants.”

Or “spill the beans. Share your dirty laundry AND naked body.”


The answer is to show up as creatively as possible. 

As if you’re the showstopper of your show!!!


You think that because you want to be taken seriously as a business owner, you need to act all grown up and… boring??

Think again! It’s the OPPOSITE!!!


Your best marketing materials are not going to come from your body of work–they’re going to come from your play. 

From the moments when you don’t take yourself too seriously.


Remember Miss Piggy? Quite a Self-Magic Woman, right?   

And one to never forget. 


The practice of revealing your creative identities, is the best safe way to get you out of your safe zone. It’s called taking a creative risk. 



And if you’re an INTROVERT, like me, you’re gonna love this strategy.

Because when you’re going about it in a creative way, you don’t have time to torture yourself with “I need to get out there.” 

Your motivation isn’t coming from demand of “oh, For people to see me, for me to get business I need to get visible.” No need for that!

You just have to ask yourself: “How will I do this most creatively?” prrrrr

Showing your creative self, Sharing your play, will make the showing up natural, and not forced. (Believe me, nobody forced me to do that!) There will be less room for fear, or for “what other people think” to sneak in. 

And then all the rest works itself like magic. That’s why I’m calling this “Self-Magic Woman” . Because when you activate your creativity from within, it really becomes your… magic!


And of course, as you already hear through my voice, it will make everything more fuuun!


Another core element, and unique to this process, not found anywhere else, is Color.

Or rather, Color Focus, through a unique Color System.

Are You a color lover?? Me too!


I love me some colorfulness.  Give me a rainbow fest, every day, especially when I order coconut ice cream with sprinkles. But if you want to connect to the archetypal wisdom and transformational quality of a color, you need to do it, one color at a time.

Color Focus triggers and opens up different slices of yourself. It gives you direct access to places that otherwise you may never get into.

Color Focus acts like a concentrated source of light. A stage kind projector highlighting a theme in your life and process, that hasn’t been exposed before. 

Each color gives you its benefit, energetic point of view, and healing. 

You get to earn a new piece of yourself. Like training a new muscle you may have never used.  So imagine going through a creative workout-one color at a time.

Color focus creates a whole new vocabulary around aesthetics, perception, emotions and meaning. 

You can use color to reveal things about you, your brand, AND your audience.


Have you noticed how people feel differently towards the same color? For example, Some love Red, some are totally triggered by it. Some are attracted to Black, other see it is dark and depressive. Some love brown, others find it boring.

And of course, what is your favorite color? There’s a lot of reaction about that!  

Did you know that Your Favorite Color is the mirror of your desire?

Think about it!


If you’d like to dive more into my signature color system 👉DOWNLOAD IT HERE

You will never look at color the same way ever again.

Now, What else happens when you go about your creative identity? Ah?

Well, You get a creative life.

A Creative life, and a Creative brand

Because this works just like the chicken and the egg: you never know which one comes first.
Creating a fun brand, helps u have a fun life. And vice versa.

Living a creative life as part of your business plan, brings fun into the otherwise boring tasks of building a business.

It allows you to schedule your creative play time, and make it part of your “business”. Guilt free!

One of my phenomenal clients, Simone Grace Seol, is a Hypnosis life coach. I challenged her in a series of exercises to bring more playfulness, more   silliness, more of her true self to her marketing. The result? She started dancing on live video on FB . She’s now able to dance in public, anywhere. It massively inspired her followers and started a small earthquake in her corner of the world.And let me tell you, about my Lego Goddesses. 

My kids, although they’re not that old, they stopped using their legos, after I spend a small fortune on them, so now I have them in MY office. And they don’t even care!

These Goddesses have become part of my brand identity. People see them, and they see me. I get into my office every morning, and I look at them all lined up to greet me, and I feel as if I’m taking a seat at the round table! Especially, since there are 12 of us! (I’m one of them! Am I not?)


One is a Color goddess. Of course!. One that is a garden goddess, keeping my plants healthy. One is wearing a yellow kimono and has sword-like-hands – I call her, Sales Samurai. One has a door at the back of her head–she is Inspiration. One is a wonder woman Goddess, and another only a skirt, feet and high heels, that are well grounded. One is a high tech futuristic goddess. You get the the picture..


For me, besides unmistakable visual assets, this is also a little hobby that really helps me distress and loose my mind. It’s like knitting, but only with Legos! 


So, you see how one thing, feeds the other. Right?

Out and about creative living, is what makes other people talk about what you are doing and offering. 

And that’s without having to ask them, or remind them that “sharing is caring”. And of course, without counting only on FB ads to be discovered by your ideal clients. .


Committing to a more creative, vibrant life, is key. Why?

Because your magic, needs maintenance. 


Wow, we talked about a lot of stuff here, I finished all my water, 

So now, let me recap 

We talked about the core strategy of Creating an ongoing and never ending bank of visual content for your business. 

We talked about the need to get Visually Confident and the benefits of Taking your own pictures.  For your social media and for your everything. 

And how this practice will help you

I shared with you the core principle of Self-Magic Woman which is that

Your most creative identity is also your most authentic identity. 

And of having a

Color Focus

And of course how it all drives you home to a 

Creative brand And a Creative life.

Now that you listened to all that, I’m sure one thing  is clear: 

You’re either a Self-Magic Woman, or not.

If you are, then know that nothing makes me more excited, because that means we’d love to hang out together and witness each other’s work, and of course play evolution! 



So, If this is you, I’ll send you updates on how to join the Self-Magic Woman Movement. 

This is for those who want to attract More business by bringing More of who they are in… everything!

For those who dare create an unmistakable presence, while having the fun of their lives…  

For those excited to develop an ongoing practice that fuels their business with magnetic content, joyful confidence AND spunky enthusiasm–like fireworks on 4th of July!

And of course for those want to take charge of their image, and charge more.


Has all that sparked your curiosity? 

Shoot me a note and we’ll schedule a complimentary strategy call. 


My motto? What You Create, Creates You.