In an earlier post I shared with you 10 tips on How to Create a Space with Personality and turn your broadcasting spot into an addictive hang-out
cos’ nobody wants to hang out in a boring or messy office, no matter how authentic that is!


Now I wanted to take this further, and show you how to go about it.
Aka, creative process.
How do you REALLY go about it, I mean, so you will not find yourself sitting in the middle of your living room, coffee after coffee, wondering where to start till it becomes wine after wine…

1. Location Matters

Work with what you have. Where will you do it? Are you creating a “here-to-stay” spot, or a flexible put up and put down as needed?
If possible, I do recommend a space that is for keeps. No, not eternity keeps, but having your broadcasting spot ready will ease you in doing IT.
Or, in the other case, create something that can be put up and down within minutes.

2. Start with a Striptease

No, not yours… Don’t get freaked out or excited now!
Strip the area down to minimum. Put everything away. Even if you want to focus on a wall that already has pictures hanging which you know you want to use, take it all down. While at that, also turn the place into spick-and-span. You have no idea what a dump wipe can do to your space and your soul too!
Now say hello to your “white canvas”!


3. Play with Possibilities

Introduce the elements you want to add. Can you identify one big central piece? That would be a great start towards a strong composition. Gather as many other elements as you think fit, and start mixing and matching them. Make every element count. What looks great together? What looked a great idea but now not any more?
How far can you take it? How wild can it become?
What would be your biggest fantasy about this space?


Need inspiration? NOW is the time to browse to your heart’s desire… and taste different styles without your own commitment!

4. Make it Happen

Pick with purpose, taking nothing for granted. Place firmly and test:
Hang what needs to be hung, lay what needs to be laid, place things in place, take your spot and shoot. Do it!

5. Establish It

See what came out, and make adjustments to lighting, composition and angle. Remove something, or add something. Make another test if you need. Pay attention where you sit or stand, and what the frame looks like with YOU in it. Make the best of it, and give it as much time as it needs.

6. Unexpect the Change

This is where the beauty of it lays. After all is ready to go, take a further look. Now something big or small needs to happen. It may, or it may not. But great artists know that THIS IS the moment. When the unexpected takes place and turns something from great to omg-did-I-just-do-that???


And no, it’s not divine intervention. Or it is, but through you!
With one move, one addition, one insight about a new idea you can implement, you can skyrocket everything. It’s like the Aha moment (or the little-death) of your creation. It’s where all the foundation you just spend time building, makes an awesome headstand, or jumps on a trapeze swing!
If you are lucky, you’ll know you got there by feeling a) surprised b) delighted.
Crossing all fingers (and toes!) that you will!
The good thing about it, is that you get to keep it, and enjoy it yourself!


So, Where do you stand?
Do you envy other’s spaces?
Have you taken yours for granted?
What are some items making it so Yours that none else can step in???
Let me know in the comments below!