Hugs, cuddles, kisses and holding hands.

All that is what my son loves. And he loves to cling closely and tightly. His favorite is wrapping himself around my thigh and imagining we can actually get far that way…
Needless to say, although his affection is endearing, sometimes this is too much. Especially when I am trying to do something.

So, I had a talk with him the the day after we had a “vision boards” evening (see “vision” on header). Then, there were many moments that he was so busy working on his own, cutting letters from shiny purple cardboard with his not so sharp yellow scissors, and then applying glue to them, and mixing that together with drawings of his favorite characters…. he was too busy to come and check on me. He was in his zone.


So, I told him:

“You need to give me some space. Space to create.
Just like you need space, when you create.”

I saw the spark in his eye. He nodded in full understanding. He brought to his mind the feeling, the experience of the times when he is creative (he produces art by the pound…). He understood what it means. Create space to create. Bam!

Space comes in many forms.

Whether time off to be by yourself, your own office, an uncluttered desk or just that blank page. Space to create is a decision. If you want to create, make space. Even a small sketchbook and a pen at a crowded train can become your space if you just decide.

Make that decision. Create space to create.





This is what I have been up to, myself. Creating space to create. Crafting my beliefs and birthing a few things all at once.

Now tell me: How are you going to make space top create TODAY?
and, what are you going to create??? Can’t wait to hear it!