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Is this YOU?

  • You need authentic pics of yourself for social (beyond selfies…)
  • You want to uncover and fully express your brand
  • You want your face recognized and your message making waves
  • You want to be seen, but keep hiding 
  • You want an alternative to the manicured glamour shoot
  • Corp dropout. You want to become as confident online as you were offline
  • You want to have more fun in your business (and not just talking about it!)


Online visibility makes you money
and so does bringing out your personality 

On the contrary!

Fun is a prerequisite

Start by creating a never-ending bank of brand visuals that pop with personality and match your message (and have’m wonder who the heck your photographer is.)

Can you imagine having a handy library of visuals to pull from?
Images that represent everything you touch, inspire your posts, giving you ideas about what to talk about?
And that you can create MORE of these Any. Time. You. Want?
Without having to schedule it in advance, or hire someone?


But it’s not only about visual content 

It’s all about the CONFIDENCE

You’ll get a picture-proof vision of the possibilities, opportunities, paths and joy available to you. SO you can put yourself out there with no apologies and without shrinking.

No fancy-photoshoot required.

Fancy that?  

📸 Picture This 

🌈 Keeping your feed fresh with an unlimited supply of SO-YOU visuals, that spark engagement, build your brand, and attract your people

🌈 Having the luxury of complete freedom (and fun) to create these as you evolve?
Even while staying at home? Priceless. 

🌈 Having that skill for Life? for the price of a single pro-photoshoot? A no brainer.

🌈 Feeling fabulous, confident & at ease in front of the camera, in your videos & on zoom.

🌈 “Know, Like & Trust” factor? Nailed! (not something achieved with stock photos)

🌈 Creating fun animated GIFS to spice up your marketing, with no extra effort. 

🌈 Grabbing attention by changing up your profile pics and reducing cost per lead. Pronto.

🌈 Reclaiming your creativity, play and fun. Boosting your brand’s joie de vivre and yours!

🌈 Liberating yourself from society scripts, old titles and trends? It’s about time.

🌈 An overall upgrade of every aspect of your visual presence, energy, leadership and impact. 


Self-Magic SOCIETY™

Beyond Brand Photoshoots

Become the creative director AND star of your brand.

Build a never-ending bank of smart, powerful brand images using what you’ve got.

Have total autonomy over your image, creativity and in how you choose to present yourself.

Yes, you can!

I could not imagine that there was something that existed out there that would help me grow, AND help me explore my branding, AND produce photos

I used to be uninspired… seeing marketing was an obligation.
Now, the photos allowed me to write, allowed me to post and to be out there on social media. Often the images created the texts. I feel super curious about what there is more to be discovered.

Self-Magic work is grounding my self confidence.
Making visible my transformation of the last 2 years or something, into an image that deeply shows that.

What has changed for me?
I am now fully booked – from 3 clients to 12, in a couple of months.
This work was a piece of a big puzzle, but such an important piece. A really important one.

Charlotte Bohl, Life Coach

This process allows me to capture myself however I am, and however I want to show up. Using my own images regularly has been making more impact and getting more interaction

I can’t imagine myself without the self-discovery that the unique Self-Magic process has afforded me this very special particular year.

No one else can capture you like that. Turning your own gaze on yourself, and being so free doing that. It’s fun, exhilarating, intriguing, inviting… and the sense that you’re somehow the wiser for it in the end. It’s so liberating.

And it’s so fun and so cool to be able to make my own images… to have a visual component to all the words I have to say. Unlock doors within yourself, and have a bunch of unique images to go with it, through a process you OWN 100%. Everyone should do it.

Aysin Karaduman, NTP & Coach

Who’s calling the shots 📸 here?

Monicka Clio Sakki is The Self-Magic Mentor.
She helps creative entrepreneurs burst out of their shell and become their fully expressed self & brand.

She insists that your most authentic identity is your most creative identity. And that the paradox of the BE YOU era, is that it begs the question:
Who Are You??

Through her innovative Self-Magic System & signature coaching program, Self-Magic Society, she has helped coaches, creatives & authors reveal their uniqueness, find their voice and heal their invisibility while creating a foundation for a sustainable personal brand.

Monicka will have everyone wonder who the heck is your photographer.

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