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 8 weeks personal transformation program
 training + coaching + intimate, dynamic group experience

Create unlimited scroll-stopping brand visuals

that pop with personality and match your message 

Even if you hate having photos taken!

Is this for YOU?

You want to uncover and fully express your brand 
You want your face recognized and your message making waves
You want to be seen, but keep hiding 
You want an alternative to the glamour shoot
Corp dropout? Become as confident online as you were offline  
You exhausted the hustle (and the hassle exhausted you!) 


Online visibility makes you money 
and so does bringing out your personality 

YOU are here because you don’t want to look like everyone else… holding your coffee mug, with a stretched smile as your manicured fingers dance over the keyboard in entrepreneurial bliss. Right??

Or, maybe you struggle with what to show, what you can’t show, or what you don’t want to show… 

As the Face of your Business you have the unfair advantage of being MORE of YOURSELF online. 

“MORE” is about bringing out your full-blown expression 

Even if you resist it.

Especially if you resist it…
because that means there is SO MUCH MORE of you to uncover, discover and share with your people (while sharing only what you want to share… )

Getting your pictures done, doesn’t have to be another load on your to do list.
And it definitely doesn’t have to be  painful.

On the contrary!

Fun is a prerequisite

Start by creating a never-ending bank of brand visuals that pop with personality and match your message (and have’m wonder who the heck your photographer is.)

Can you imagine having a handy dandy library of visuals to pull from?
Images that inspire your posts, giving you ideas about what to talk about?
And that you can create MORE of these Any. Time. You. Want?
Without having to schedule it in advance, or hire someone?


But it’s not only about visual content 

It’s all about the CONFIDENCE

You’ll get a picture-proof vision of the possibilities, opportunities, paths and joy available to you. SO you can put yourself out there with no apologies and without shrinking.

No fancy-photoshoot required.

Fancy that?  

I’ve had huge wins… fantastic photos I used in my last launch. Which people responded to and they stopped the scroll

Monicka is not like anyone else, and neither is her instruction.

She has a blend of very practical photography information, and then she takes it and deconstructs it and makes it fun and surprising and unfamiliar. Not everyone has that underpinning philosophy of the self and kind of the deep art theory that she brings in.

If you look at how many photoshoots you get, the value there is exponential.

Cindy Childress - The Expert's Ghost Writer

📸 Picture This 

🌈 Keeping your feed fresh with an unlimited supply of SO-YOU visuals, that spark engagement, build your brand, and attract your people

🌈 Having the luxury of complete freedom (and fun) to create these as you evolve?
Even while staying at home? Priceless. 

🌈 Having that skill for Life? for the price of a single pro-photoshoot? A no brainer.

🌈 Feeling fabulous, confident & at ease in front of the camera, in your videos & on zoom.

🌈 “Know, Like & Trust” factor? Nailed! (not something achieved with stock photos)

🌈 Creating fun animated GIFS to spice up your marketing, with no extra effort. 

🌈 Grabbing attention by changing up your profile pics and reducing cost per lead. Pronto.

🌈 Reclaiming your creativity, play and fun. Boosting your brand’s joie de vivre and yours!

🌈 Liberating yourself from society scripts, old titles and trends? It’s about time.

🌈 An overall upgrade of every aspect of your visual presence, energy, leadership and impact. 

I know what you’re thinking… Too good to be true??

“This is not for me. I hate being photographed”

“How can this work? I don’t like how I look in pictures”

“I’m not creative. How can I ever take my own cool photos?”

I don’t know what’s my brand yet. How could I ever approach this?”

“I’m very busy. Will I have time for this??

“I’m too old for this…”

“I’m hidding. This is way out of my comfort zone. I’m not sure I can do this”


Self-Magic SOCIETY™

Beyond Brand Photoshoots

Become the creative director AND star of your brand.

Build a never-ending bank of smart, powerful brand images using what you’ve got.

Have total autonomy over your image, creativity and in how you choose to present yourself.

Use any camera, or only your phone 

The Self-Magic Society offers everything you need to create your own brand photos & beyond, including:

Visibility mindset because it’s about a LOT more than taking pictures

Creating images in complete alignment with your brand & voice

Even better, find your voice through your visuals and become fully expressed in your business and everyday 

self-magic photoshoots

Access the Self-Magic Photoshoots training specifically for personal brands

Gear, Tech, Set up (and checklists) to nail your frames easily

The Self-Magic Practice Principles to always get exciting images

 Styling direction to look good (and on brand) in every picture

 The Pose & Play method so you have fun on every photoshoot

 Taking your photoshoot out & in public for lifestyle images

 Image Making lessons to help you refine your unique editing style so your images stand out

 Developing a reflection practice so you can celebrate yourself with no reason

high-touch coaching

Personalized Feedback, motivation and real conversations twice a month via Group Coaching Calls

Get my eyes on you. I bring together 30 years of professional experience as an artist, designer, creative director, brand strategist, systems builder and play expert. You’ll be supported through face to face meetings via Zoom and office hours, with customized feedback, every step of the way. 

color quest codes

Work your color physically, energetically and symbolically

This is the ingredient what quadriples the magic of this work. The Color Quest Codes is a system designed to help you reveal and define certain aspects of yourself and your brand. A framework to help you show your different nuances and multicolored layers.   Cultivate the confidence to bring MORE of yourself to your online stage, one color at a time. 

supportive community

Intimate & dynamic cohort

Self-Magic doesn’t mean doing it alone. You’ll be part of an engaged, open minded and body positive community, surrounded by heart centered, purpose driven, highly-sensitive, and absolutely brilliant women. You’ll witness and be witnessed through each other’s transformations. The result is an immersive and intimate experience of self and brand discovery. 


I am my own photographer so I can have a photoshoot any time that I’m inspired to do so!

No glueing your face to your screen for hours.
Instead, get some real play. And get results.

I could not imagine that there was something that existed out there that would help me grow, AND help me explore my branding, AND produce photos

I used to be uninspired… seeing marketing was an obligation.
Now, the photos allowed me to write, allowed me to post and to be out there on social media. Often the images created the texts. I feel super curious about what there is more to be discovered.

Self-Magic work is grounding my self confidence.
Making visible my transformation of the last 2 years or something, into an image that deeply shows that.

What has changed for me?
I am now fully booked – from 3 clients to 12, in a couple of months.
This work was a piece of a big puzzle, but such an important piece. A really important one.

Charlotte Bohl, Life Coach

I am connecting to myself in a whole new way. I’m being a version of myself I didn’t even know it was possible

Every woman wants to feel as beautiful and as powerful as I feel in these photos. Monicka gives space to just really come as you are as well as envision what you can be. 

Kelly Hollingsworth, How to Make More Money

This process allows me to capture myself however I am, and however I want to show up. Using my own images regularly has been making more impact and getting more interaction

I can’t imagine myself without the self-discovery that the unique Self-Magic process has afforded me this very special particular year.

No one else can capture you like that. Turning your own gaze on yourself, and being so free doing that. It’s fun, exhilarating, intriguing, inviting… and the sense that you’re somehow the wiser for it in the end. It’s so liberating.

And it’s so fun and so cool to be able to make my own images… to have a visual component to all the words I have to say. Unlock doors within yourself, and have a bunch of unique images to go with it, through a process you OWN 100%. Everyone should do it.

Aysin Karaduman, NTP & Coach



Support & Implementation

The “Visionary” Secret Bonus


Pay in full bonus

SIGNATURE Masterclass 
Simple and effective Visual Storytelling 

Pay in full bonus 

Your Power Brand Colors


What You Get

Program includes

  • 8 weeks (w bonus total of 12)
    of LIVE Training + Coaching + Intimate Group Experience

  • Advanced Self-Magic Portraits 

  • The Color Quest Codes

  • 7 Playbooks 

  • Checklists

  • 8 Live Salons – Group Calls

  • Magic Hot Seats

  • Live Call Recordings

  • Engaging Private Student Community

  • Membership site with easy access to all training material

This offer expires when the countdown reaches zero

I appreciate the group experience

Monicka attracted some amazing women. I value seeing how we all took the instruction and did very different things and then hearing her feedback on my work and everyone else’s as well, and hearing their struggles, which I can relate to.

I haven’t seen any pictures in the group where it feels not true

Monicka has both the balance to let us be where we are at, and at the same time opening possibilities and pushing us to possibilities for growth. I never felt shamed for not getting there, not being there yet. 

I’ll do self-magic forever

So worth it. I enjoy every minute of it. And now that I have the tools, I know I’m not going to stop doing it. The ideas are always coming and the women in the group are so inspiring. 

My husband loves that I do it, too!

I want to have room to breathe. And this kind of thing is room

When you‘re doing Self-Magic you’re outside of time and place… Not like when you’e working, journaling or playing with the kids. Not like anything else you’re doing.
This process gives you the space to create for yourself.

Who’s calling the shoots 📸 here?

Monicka Clio Sakki is The Self-Magic Mentor.
She helps creative entrepreneurs burst out of their shell and become their fully expressed self & brand.

She insists that your most authentic identity is your most creative identity. And that the paradox of the BE YOU era, is that it begs the question: Who Are You??

Through her innovative Self-Magic System & signature coaching program, Self-Magic Society, she has helped coaches, creatives & authors reveal their uniqueness, find their voice and heal their invisibility while creating a sustainable personal brand.

Her previous-life jobs? Illustrating best-sellers. Rocking style guides. Designing cover-to-cover products for the greats (Disney, Mattel, Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon.) Creating and publishing the renown Sakki-Sakki Tarot–for the Artist in Each of Us. It came with a written-in-the-stars companion book, Playing with Symbols, and a color punch.

Monicka is a married mama of two. Fresh from Tel Aviv with roots in Acropolis and a professional past in the Big Apple. Trilingual with no mother tongue. Tattooless but colorful. 

When you meet her on zoom, you’ll find her surrounded by The Inspired Council–a colorful line up of LEGO made Goddess. She built them herself from her kids’ leftover blocks. Each one has a name and domain, so make sure you ask her to show you Madame Desire & Miss Inspiration.  

Ready for MORE?

WEEK 1-4

40+ lessons. Easy to digest, consume and implement.
Delivered within 4 weeks via a mix of video, text or audio.

Week 1

  • The Self-Magic Method
  • The Anatomy of a Self-Magic Session
  • Where to use your images
  • Gear & Tech
  • Learn 3 methods for taking pictures, and the benefits of each one
  • Learn different ways to set up your indoor space
  • First Foundations
  • Image, Creativity, Strategy, Personality

Week 2

  • The Self-Magic Practice Principles
  • Master the art of play-posing for yourself
  • Discover my never-fails signature method to get it going, at any mood
  • Dial in the #1 pose you must do, each time
  • Learn 10 techniques and ideas to keep you in action
  • Personal Prep & Mindset
  • The Triangle Talk
  • Image Maker tutorials i
  • Sharpen your image making skills
  • Edit your pictures for extra wow, the easy way

Week 3

  • Compose your style, the Self-Magic way
  • Discover the best props to use and the fail proof way to find them
  • Learn how to translate your vision in a way you can execute
  • Image Maker tutorials ii
  • Develop your simple signature treatment
  • Behind the scenes of some of my most iconic photoshoots

Week 4

  • Take your on-brand photos, outside!
  • The pros and cons to taking it public
  • Prepare for a day shooting out
  • Discover my simple process to “read your imagery”
  • Learn how to decode your imagery, and harvest valuable insights that translate to personal and business growth
  • Make it your personal documentary practice

I appreciate the originality and depth of the color materials. It’s comforting to see people producing elaborate content, at that level

Core Training: Color Quest Codes 
WEEK 1-8

  6+1 Colors. Original. Inspirational.  Actionable. Transformational. 
Delivered via the written word and audio snippets, through 7 weeks.
Each color comes with its revolutionary playbook  

Capture Your AS-IS

Invite Your Possibilities

Explore Your Joy

Stand in Your Power

Wear your Vulnerability

Embody Your Authority

Mark Your Territory

All the colors were amazing for different reasons

I like the playbooks, the mental preparation, the recordings, the materials


I never thought about colors that way before

Monicka helps you come out and show up as an artist, as a creative soul.

This offer expires when the countdown reaches zero

More clients and more profit than I’ve ever created before

What’s obvious to the outside is fresh, bold and unforgettably ‘me’ visual branding, with photos that created throngs of admirers wondering who the heck my photographer was (just me and my iPhone). What they don’t know is that Monicka’s mentorship changed the way I show up to my business from the inside out.

I broke my own shell open, organized my shit, grew up, and dared the world to love me through both my most confident, genius edge and trembling vulnerability. Of course, that translated to more clients and more profit than I’ve ever created before. 

- Simone Grace Seol, Life Coach


You get:
12 weeks of LIVE Experience
Training + Coaching +Implementation
in an Intimate Group

Advanced Self-Magic Portraits
The Color Quest Codes



$737  $633


You get:
12 weeks of LIVE Experience
Training + Coaching +Implementation
in an Intimate Group + Bonuses

Advanced Self-Magic Portraits
The Color Quest Codes

Pay in Full Bonuses

+ SIGNATURE Masterclass
MORE of You, Without You:

Your Power Brand Colors workshop


$1997  $1797

This is the ONLY place to learn what Monicka teaches, and it’s exciting



or Pay in Full & save $394
2 spots

Get all the program benefits plus:
4 x 1:1  zoom meetings with Monicka
– Immersion session
– Total visual assets & virtual presence assessment
– Brand implementation
– What you need 1:1

In addition:
Select custom edits
Canva play suggestions

Private channel for VIP support
Voxer access 

This process helped me break out of my cozy little, introvert shell. I can literally see the transformation in myself from shy, doubting and quiet, to playful, confident, and unapologetic

I’ve been in my own story and haven’t allowed myself to have and accept the full range of my emotions. Monicka helped me illuminate the ways I hide. I have been able to embrace play, and create my own goodness and celebration through Self-Magic and it’s been incredible. 

She taught me how to think about my own creativity in ways I’d never considered, and to use it to create my business identity.

Monicka is a magical coach.
She’ll help you bring YOU into what you do. Her process is SO unique and fun.

Cara Maclean, Wellness Coach

Working with Monicka has helped me see myself as emerging instead of stuck behind the scenes

The way I’m presenting myself in front of my eyes, has changed the way I’m presenting myself to others, and that changed how I am perceived.

Self-Magic has been a door to my work. It is allowing so much (and beyond) that I presume I’m not the only one having her life experience an utter revolution.

I have more authority, and more confidence. I’m no longer in the womb.

I was hiding behind writing and intellectual work, because being frozen in my body, also froze me up in my art…

For the first time I was falling in love with myself again during the shoots. Being able to take pictures of myself and loving them was something unprecedented.

Paula del Rivero, Artist

Amazed and delighted with the photos I’ve created

I never expected to be able to actually take such great pictures myself, and I’ve been able to see myself in a whole new light when I look at the images.

When I started the program I didn’t know what my brand was or what kinds of images would “fit” with what I was creating in my business.
Now I have a much better sense of who I am as my brand and what I want to cultivate.

Best of all, I am my own photographer so I can have a photoshoot any time that I’m inspired to do so!

Leah Cotter, Coach

I’m more brave and courageous in my visual representation on social media. I want to show even more of that energy, that radiation… I am here.
I have arrived. This is my body… That’s enormous freedom for everyone

The first thing that has changed for me is about that hotiness and sexiness that I bring to the table. I was trying to hide that part of me, from showing up in my business. I thought that this is not something that I want to lead with… or attract people with. I want to attract with my words, with what I have to say. This work gave me the realization that I need to combine it. I need to fuze it. It’s not like I can be someone else. I can’t. I have to be myself. More of myself. So now I don’t feel uncomfortable any more to be sexy and show up and show my body, and how sassy and feminine I can be… or maybe even aggressive, or whatever… I don’t mind showing that.. and I also realized that it is important to show that. 

It’s like experiencing an explosion inside your brain, because of how you see yourself. You suddenly become a colorful and playful artist. You create and you are obsessed with it. I recommend to everyone who is ready to launch themselves into this unknown magical space where they can redefine their self-image and find that new energy to become who they want to be.

Gabriella Masa-Horvath, Life Coach

Who is this for?

You’re on the rise and want to have your face recognized and your brand to make waves. Period

You know that keeping your feed fresh with SO-YOU visuals, oozing individuality, builds your brand and sparks engagement.
You want to figure out how to stop them at their feeds, steal the spotlight, and make that unforgettable impression by being more of yourself. Over and over again.  

You want to uncover and fully express your brand 

You’re in transition or rebrand phase and want to explore who you are and who you’re becoming. You want to surprise yourself!

You’re ready to reveal your “authentic self” and become stronger with your voice (without copying others, without even realizing it…)

Your brand is still forming and evolving. You wouldn’t know what to ask a photographer for. 

You want to experiment with different looks. How fun is that!

You want to look & feel good online, and mo$t of all: memorable.

Corp dropout? Become as confident online as you’re offline  

You rocked the corporate world but the online space is a whole other beast. 

You got an identity crisis, seemingly starting from scratch. You’re afraid to loose your hard won status (to kids half your age, or less, who are killin’ it.)

You realize that you need (AND WANT) to “throw up” your old identity but you’re are terrified to go through that change, and be seen otherwise.

“Authentic” appeals to you, although you got no idea how to go about it. 

One thing you know: Confidence brings cash, and you want to become as confident online–as you were offline. 

You want to be seen, but keep hiding 

You’re a perfectionist with your image.

Part of you desires to shine & be seen. Another part, seeks they safety and comfort of hiding.
You’re not even sure you want the spotlight. If only you could outsource your visibility…

You don’t enjoy being in front of the camera. “I hate having my photo taken… I look so awkward in pictures… I don’t know how to pose… The minute the camera is pointed my way, I freeze.” Familiar?

You look at others your age, dance their message in TikTok and IG reels, and you find it stupid (but secretly wish you’d easily show your dance moves too.)

You want an alternative to the glamour shoot

You want to kiss bye-bye the following:

A high pressure, lots of expectation day. Posing in front of a stranger. Planning for a photoshoot for weeks, if not months, in advance. Having to make critical decisions and negotiations about budget, number of hours, images, locations & outfits per shoot. Getting dolled up with “wedding day” like hair & make up.
You’d love a pro photoshoot, but one or two won’t give you enough images to post on social media all. year. long.

You invested in professional photos and didn’t like the results. Ouuch!

You exhausted the hustle (and the hassle exhausted you!) 

You’re an advocate of “fun in business,” but you’re not having any fun at all.

You love to play, but the last time you did, it was “candy crush.”

You work in a creative field, but feel you never get to be creative anymore. 

Or,  you don’t see yourself as the “creative type ” (you’re wrong!) and want to do something daring. 

You would like to step out of the comparison game and do your thang.

You want to loosen up, have some fun, and put yourself First. Hello Mama!

You are intrigued by color, symbolism and you love art!

One thing is for sure: 
It’s YOUR TIME for your magic to be seen

I was hesitating to join because of time.
But then I decided to see this as self-care instead of work


When does the program start?

Right away! Within 24 hours you will be contacted with your onboarding details.

When are the live calls and what if I can't attend any?

The calls are set for Thursdays, at 1 pm EST.
There may be changes depending on the people who will sign up and their timezones. 

Some people make all the calls, some miss a few, some don’t attend any.  I highly recommend that you do!
There will be a replay available shortly after each live session.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

The pre-recorded tutorials are bite sized and easily consumed. My preffered photoshoot length takes about 2 hours, from start to finish. You’ll also need additional time to choose and edit your pics. 

How long do I have access?

You get full support through live coaching and engaging community for 16 weeks. You have access to the trainings hub till the end of the year.  By then you’ll be a pro. 

Who can enroll?

Self-Magic programs are for women, self-identified women and feminine expressing individuals, from any place, religion, sexual orientation, color, body and walk of life. And for those who respect all that. 

My No-Refund Policy

The Self-Magic Society is a nonrefundable investment in your business, your creativity and yourself. You’re in to explore, practice and actively participate. 

It’s not possible to offer a guarantee on a creative experience that is relying on your doing.

Please explore my free offerings, my videos, posts  and testimonials before you enroll in this program. Make sure you’re fully committed to do the work and learning curve that’s involved. Know it’s the right program for you before you sign up.  

If it feels right, it probably is 🙂 

Got a question?

Please shoot me an email and I will get back to you asap. monicka[add the AT symbol here]monickacliosakki.com

Now I’m my own canvas.
My voice is coming out more naturally. I feel more playful, authentically… more confidence

From a person who doesn’t take selfies, doesn’t show herself on social media, doesn’t do any of that… I‘m now enamored by all the different ways I can show myself. I’m actually very surprised each time. My canvas continues to evolve and that’s exciting.

I’ve always been a creative, but I’ve never used me, my physical form as part of my creativity. So to be in front of the camera is very different.

At the beginning I’d look at my amazing Self-Magic pics and go “WHO is this woman?”
Now when I look at my pics: “I know this woman! This is Me!”

Tamara Lee, Money & Sexuality Coach


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”