Your Visual Strategy

I AM – Introduce Yourself to the World


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Your challenge for Day 3

Explanation in the video start at 42 mins.
One more chance to improve your Selfie-Magic game!
Floor Flower worked, so keep it up! Don’t forget to look back at the ones you did and learn from them. 

This time create as many as you wish, but choose only ONE pic to introduce yourself to the world. 
Along with this one Selfie-Magic portrait,  write a short intro, using some, or all of the magical words that you received in this challenge.
You can use the below as a guide:

I AM [your name] and I am [what you are best at, adding magical words] and [how you use your gifts to help people.] 

If you’re jumping in late–don’t hesitate to start from Day 1!

Can’t wait to SEE you!