Capture Your Magic

Using selfies to discover your unique personal brand, and how that works
+ Your 1st challenge!


Your challenge for Day 1

The Challenge explanations start at 38:00

in a nutshell:
Do a Floor Flower Selfie.


Create space and time to create.
Lie on the floor against a background of preferably your favorite color or a pattern.


Use your phone. If you have a selfie stick or can attach a tripod to it to use to as a selfie stick, great. If not, then just stretch your arm.
Relax, get playful and expressive. Add any props if you feel inspired. No rules, really…
Keep going till you’re surprised.


Upload one or a series of pics here, in your own thread in the group.
No words (yet).


Check out other’s pics and comment with 3 positive words, what you see, or what is the vibe you get. Connect with that person through the pics and really SEE them. Get creative with your feedback too. Try to come up with unique words for them. 


Cant wait to SEE you!!