Is this YOU??

You’re frustrated because you’re constantly overlooked and undervalued.

You’re overshadowed by the big players that seem to be *everywhere* so easy and natural. You feel you’ll never “measure up.”

You know you’re talented with a shitload to offer, but you keep hiding behind your computer.

You don’t know how to talk about yourself, your work, or what you offer.

You experience a great amount of heaviness from the pressure to “be out there.”

You wish you could video, but you’re are stuck criticizing your appearance. 

You want to do FB lives, but you get anxious about going live without editing yourself. 

Or you could be a star but just don’t do it.

You feel you don’t know how to come off as yourself AND as a “professional.”

You have followers but you don’t seem to get any conversation nor conversion going.

Now imagine that:

  • Being confident to get on camera. Anytime.
  • Confidence to finally get your message across.
  • Having more visibility because you’re not hiding anymore. 
  • Followers being drawn to you.
  • You’ll get more leads because people will see you and engage with you. 
  • Your conversions are higher because now you can easily close the “know like & trust” gap.
  • Making more money because people are connecting with you more.
  • At ease reaching out to influencers, colleagues and potential clients.
  • Feeling that what you have to offer has more value (and confidence to charge more.)

And here’s the thing:

You’ll finally love being You. and people will pay you attention.
They’ll get drawn to your energy and your presence, before they even hear what you have to offer.
They’ll experience YOU in your highest power.
They’ll want to be around you and get more of you.
They’ll follow you, sign-up to your mailing list,
and happily pay to be in your world.

“Holy moly, it has been transformation central for me. I was able to overcome resistance and discomfort.”

I have come to a much deeper sense of what I actually offer in my work and how I come across in the world. I was able to overcome resistance and discomfort. I found a way to show myself from a place of deep authenticity.

I have had a MONUMENTAL shift in the ease with which I let myself be me when I communicate in my photos and videos… You can (and should, PLEASE!) show this side of you to your audience. They NEED to see it.

Monicka is a generous, fierce, value-digging woman! Her process is deep and profound. This has been the most important work I’ve done for my business.

Susan Fauman |  Jewelry Designer

Overcome resistance.

Step up to the best version of you with no holding back.

Self-Magic School

Small group program. 6 weeks.

Getting there, won’t be as hard as you think:

You’ll get to see yourself, and develop Camera Confidence, faster than you learn how to ride a bike.
Hitting the “Go Live” button will be as easy as turning on the dishwasher.
In fact, you’ll get energized from the whole experience.
You’ll be able to introduce yourself, as easy as you breath.
You’ll have more clarity and confidence in what you have to offer, you’ll have no time to stop and doubt yourself.

I SEE You…


I see your brilliance and your biggest picture and I know how to make you, and others, see it too.

I’ll show you how to create a presence that overflows with your personality. Like that extra foam in your cappuccino…

I’m going to show you how to raise your voice, without shouting.

“In order for connection to happen we have to allow ourselves to be seen —really seen.”

Brené Brown

Like the ladies below,
who experienced the Self-Magic School… MAGIC!

“The best part was the freedom of showing myself who I am. It’s SO SELF EMPOWERING.”

In many ways Monicka brought out what I ALREADY knew I had inside of me. What was missing was my external expression of it. My photos are ‘familiar’ and ‘who I really am’ but in my living world, I haven’t come out with ‘who I really am’. I don’t know HOW to come out.

So… this was healing. To to see the real me ‘on the outside’ and it’s not surprising what I saw.

My pictures “talked back to me”, with business ideas! So unexpected!

I really loved the concept and the self love involved… I’ve never seen anything like it!

Anaa Mansouri | Your Heart Compass Guide

“This program gave me SO much confidence!”

This is different. It’s fun, personally engaging, but produces great business results. It brought positive energy into my marketing materials (and I haven’t felt so pretty in a few years!)

Monicka was great to work with: playful, creative, challenging. Always pushing me to the next level.

Elaine Bayless | Empowerment Coach

“Monicka takes people out of black & white and into color. It was such a transition for me.”

As an entrepreneur, you can’t just blog anymore. She helps you determine how to express yourself in a creative way, and explore new ways to be seen. To have fun with it.

It was such a transition for me. It provided such a transformation in my level of comfort and where I could go for inspiration. That forever changed how I deal with people in the online environment.

Charlotte Spencer | Spiritual Docent & Soul Sherpa

“You are SO fun — that made it so much easier to Play and share.”

You are amazing… Wonderful energy, so very funny and engaging, encouraging without ever losing sincerity… I could go on…

And I hated any idea of video before — but I’m so coming around.

Did I mention exposure to her is super-motivating??

Dr. Karen Shue | Brain and Health

“There is a difference about wanting to be looked at and wanting to be seen. When you are looked at, your eyes can stay blissfully closed. You suck energy. You steal the spotlight. When you are seen, your eyes must be open, as you are seen and recognizing your witness. You accept energy, and you generate energy. You create light.

One is exhibitionism, the other is connection.

Not everybody wants to be looked at. Everybody wants to be seen.”

Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking

SO, what’s this whole Self-Magic School business about?

Self-Magic School™ is for women building a personal brand. Their business is their talents, experience and personality. Whether you sell services or products, this program will help you develop your completive edge. You will stand by your work, not behind it.

I created this program because this is what I needed.

It’s not a video challenge, social media training or theory thrown on you. Not a regular business coaching program either.

Self-Magic School is an experience not offered anywhere else. Intimate. Only 12 spots.

It’s Confidence + Creativity designed for Your Business.

I’ll be guiding you through the Self-Magic process to: Create imagery of you. Discover your voice. Nail your shining (and sustainable style). Realize communication skills you had no idea you had!
Self-Magic School™ is a mix of multidisciplinary creative self-expression.
Part teaching, part coaching and full on action!

Now, I know what you’re thinking!



Is this YOUR TIME??
Get on the waitlist!
and grab the 6+1 Keys to Crack Your Personal Brand

“If you’re looking for genius inspiration that never leaves your brain… You MUST check out Monicka Clio Sakki.  She’ll open up your creative floodgates.”

Heather Rampolla  | Women’s Coach + Artist


“Monicka Clio Sakki is her own category.”

Whip-smart. Articulate. Hilarious & commanding. Plus mega mega creative. You can’t help but be in her presence and come alive with a jolt of excitement from your own electric self-magic. She’ll call you on your shit – and bake you a frosty cake in the same day. I trust her with my life & my business. (You will too.)

Erika Lyremark |  Author, Think Like A Stripper & Creator of The Daily Whip

“Monicka is a modern sage.”

Don’t let her playful spirit fool you. She creates meaning by combining her natural strengths: Imagination, analysis, intuition, and creative expression.
At one glance, she’ll capture the essence of your true potential and the possibilities lying in front of you. She’ll do that by seeing through your bullshit and the stories you’ve been telling yourself. She helped me more than I can ever explain during the process of redefining my business. Her her x-ray vision, highly strategic questions, and direct, detailed feedback, helped me reach the level of clarity I have now. The power to step into the next stage in my business.

Cigdem Kobu | Founder of The Inky Path


“Seriously, your course really was a breakthrough for me!”

It was beyond fun and very empowering. I did NOT like pictures taken of me. I just could not relax in front of a camera unless I was clowning around. Not now! I really love the way your simple playful steps lead to big breakthroughs.

Teri Connolly

“I can’t even tell how much this impacted me.”

I HAVE been hiding and it was fun to play with no expectations and then be pleasantly surprised. Thank you thank you thank you.

Liz Applegate

“For the first time in a long time I felt creative.”

It stretched and transformed me. I knew deep down inside that I had been playing small as far as visibility in my business. I was hiding behind my laptop, my work and my busyness. I loved the freedom of your content… the perfect prompts at the perfect time for me.

Rachel Moriarty

“The organization of the materials is beautiful and flawless.”

You have created something so special here, Monicka.
Your idea for this is brilliant. Your enthusiasm and playful style made it feel so non-threatening and not HEAVY at all. All combined to make a compelling, useful & totally fun experience. KUDOS!!!!

Suzanne Wigginton

“Monicka, you make me do strange things.”

I love how Monicka motivates people to come out. She is wildly caring plus lovingly demanding – a beautiful combination!

The program digs much deeper than what one might think at first. It is not just funny or pretty pictures to stick up on a website. Requires a lot of self reflection and brings insights that I would not have expected.

Susan Graul

“You created a way of prayer to the Goddess inside of each of us.”

Wow, Monicka’s Self-Magic is so magical. She inspired us to create time for exploring who we can be. To mirror in fact who we are… or who we are meant to be outside our long grown and established comfort zone. This is so much bigger than the fun I expected this to be.



Is this YOUR TIME??
Get on the waitlist!
and grab the 6+1 Keys to Crack Your Personal Brand

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