Have you noticed how we sometimes take standpoints for granted?

The kind that are soooo deeply a part of you, that you don’t ever think of them? Yet announce them?

So, I caught myself 🙂

What does it really mean to create a Self-Magic personal brand??? And is it for you? (’cause nothing is for everyone!)

What does it really mean to create a Self-Magic personal brand??? And is it for you? ('cause nothing is for everyone!)

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A Self-Magic Personal Brand 

1. is for change creators who love to lead with their creativity.

2. is for those creating their work around their talents, their experiences and their personaaaality. And who want to “die empty.”

3. is the only brand you’ll ever need to create, no matter what you will do or sell.

4. starts by coming alive through play (not by choosing a killer concept, fonts, colors, nor by focusing on your ideal customer.)

5. will spark your most lively, dynamic and inspiring image. One that will surprise you (and scare you a teeny bitty. or a beasty lot.)

6. can’t exist without your face and presence. #nope

7. is organic branding that grows with you and communicates powerfully. It will also inform you of new work or business ideas! #feedme

8. helps you determine “your ways” of showing up (and showing off.)

9. brings out a visual representation of your (evolving) story. Even as you change paths.

10. will expose your daring, darling. Amen!

11. is business and pleasure. Work and play. Focus and fun. Creative practice and spiritual practice. Self-love and self-care. Meditation and momentum. Inner game and outer show.

12. builds confidence through creativity (so that you can introduce yourself as easy as you color).

13. is a representation of the YOU that you can easily deliver and re-deliver. Whether your everyday chic or one-off fantasy.

14. is body positive. You’re gorgeous. Period. Photoshop is used to enhance the image, not to alter the reality in anyway.

15. doesn’t need to rely on #location photoshoots, perfect hair, or everyone and their daughter’s bunny ears.

16. is not (only) about your look & feel. It’s discovering new ways to be (and be in business.)

17. creating it–will spark your higher creativity (and life), initiate change and result in updates Xmultiples.


Numbered for ease. Think I’m done? No waaaaayyyyyyy…. (will be adding to this list!)

Which one speaks to you the MOST?

Which one gives you a sense of relief or hope? let me know in the comments!