Personal Brand Mentorship

Entrepreneurship asks you to navigate a foreign terrain.


You won’t find your identity on Pinterest.

A headshot won’t capture what you do.

Stock photos won’t carry your personality.

Pre-made graphics won’t make you memorable.

You won’t discover who you are by taking a brand quiz.

What to do?

Take back your creative power, and SEE FOR YOURSELF.



Authentic branding for personality-powered businesses.

A multidisciplinary experience for Self, Brand & Business Evolution.

What IS Self-Magic Branding?

Self-Magic Branding solves the inside AND out challenges of becoming an online business owner.

Visual expression of yourself is one of the fastest ways to find where your own blocks are. This framework guides you through the inner work of allowing yourself to be seen. To (playfully) find your uniqueness, take space, own your voice, and gaining visibility.

And as a result of this process, you’ll also be armed with tangible visual expressions: imagery unique to you, and only you, that fuel your online presence, make you memorable and inspire your actions.
You’ll create your most authentic, creative, confident and captivating personal brand.

The best part?

You discover your brand through the art of self-surprise. 

This process is all about uncovering parts of yourself you never knew existed. You may had a hint of suspicion they were there, but they were never brought to life. 


We’re talking about a hybrid method, that along with timeless brand-building principles, combines: 


Practice seeing and being seen.
Increase your engagement, authority & charisma.
Ready to play?

Color Quest CODES

Your personal roadmap, one color at a time. Activate different aspects of your story,  personality & brand culture.

Creative Coaching

High-touch coaching that ties it all together, and ensures breakthrough after breakthrough. 

Self-Magic Branding is a training, creative coaching & implementation experience, giving you results from day-1.

Color Cycle i

Visual Exploration

 Reflect & reveal. Set the stage for your personal discovery and identity evolution.

We’ll deep dive into your personal image, stories & symbols. Also, into your creative process. You will get to see yourself (with new eyes) and allow to be seen. Reflection, in every sense, will take place.  You’ll never have to wonder again how you’re unique or different.

You’ll establish your practice of Play. Bye-bye burnout.  You’ll bring to life a new identity (or many) that will invite your people and forge your success. But that won’t be just in theory. You’ll also start a never-ending bank of visual content for your brand and social media. You’ll be both eye-catching and heart-warming!

Color Cycle ii

Brand Evolution

Develop your visual branding, content and culture along with your customers’ journey.

This is where we’ll start to put everything together. You’ll walk away with your Self-Magic Brand Playbook–the pilot’s manual to inform everything. Pass on to your copy & design team.

You’ll create a content vault, your social media strategy and outline your Show. You’ll strategically craft how to show more of you, and how to deeply connect with your audience. Your message will be clear and your voice loud (without shouting.) Your business will feel more alive and colorful than ever (even if your favorite color is Black,) and always updated and relevant to your latest growth.

Color Cycle iii

Business Revolution

Create (and package) your signature work.

The above work (and play) has sparked a LOT of new things for you. You created a new identity and a new brand. What are you going to create next?


The Self-Magic Woman process
with Kelly Hollingsworth  

 Who is this unique branding process for?

Self-Magic Branding is for coaches, experts, consultants and creative entrepreneurs who are called to be the face of their business. 

If one or two of the statements below describe you, you’re in the right space:

Your online presence IS A no-NO justice to what you have to offer.

You love cookies but not cookie cutters (and you know you’re leaving money on the table.) You’re a complex powerhouse and you need your visuals to match with your personality. To evolve with your energy  and tell your story. An archetypes quiz that ends with a pretty template? won’t cut it. Someone talented else’s vision for you?  won’t deliver either. And you definitely don’t want to pick up the look of your latest business crash (without even realizing.) You want You.

What you worked so hard for, isn’t working.

You don’t recognize yourself, anymore. You’ve spent your whole life getting to where you are now, but that doesn’t spell success any longer. You know you want something else, but you don’t know what it is yet, or where to find it. And you know you can be happier. Or richer. Or both. And every moment counts.

You’re an introvert who wants to expand your comfort zone.

Without feeling as if you’re pushed to jump off a plane! You want to discover your own captivating bling and client attraction factor, with your Self-Magic.  

You need more joy, play & enthusiasm in your life. 

The mess and the magic! And you want it ALL. 

The Self-Magic Woman process
with Simone Grace Seol 

 Get You. Rewrite your identity and shape it from your core. Without the help of external expectations, social scripts, people pleasing habits or copycat trends. 

Own more of who you are, and spread your updated message with no apologies or minimizing. And why not have a blast while at it?

Who am I, to bring you this?

This work is the call I couldn’t refuse. 

After hacking through 30 years of professional experience (geeee, where did time go??) I evolved several cycles, expanded my skills, and wear my superpowers on my sleeve.
Working in publishing with established licensed properties (Disney, Mattel, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, to name a few), taught me from the inside-out how top brands are structured, and turned me into a style-guide expert. This fueled me to create the Sakki-Sakki visual library and tarot deck, showcasing my unmistakable style.

My academic education–Masters in Visual Communications & Liberal Arts, is topped with massive amounts of contemporary marketing, branding, copywriting, productivity and *all the courses* for the online landscape. Not to mention soul work. That never ends!

But you aren’t getting the typical creative type here.

“Specializing in identity development” is a line I used since my first resume.
Why that, of all things? Because having to reinvent myself is the story of my life.
As a child, I grew up in between 3 continents. I had to introduce myself, find my place, adjust to different cultures and shape a new identity more times than I can remember. Now, as I got older, that chameleon ability (and practice) brings me something else: excitement, renewal and getting a few chapters ahead. And to keep playing with Legos. 


My work around Self-Magic has been in the making for a lifetime.

In fact,  one of the first seeds (I can recall,) was planted when I was in 5th grade. Other layers have been stacking up since… 

So, expect it to be original, and not just a well researched medley of the latest trends.

What You Create, Creates You

And what’s that?
Don’t let me tell you. Keep reading my clients’ words.

A version of myself I didn’t even know it was possible

Every woman wants to feel as beautiful and as powerful as I feel in these photos. Monicka gives space to just really come as you are as well as envision what you can be. I feel I am connecting to myself in a whole new way, I feel I’m being a version of myself I didn’t even know it was possible.

Self-Magic Branding is a life changing and business changing experience that no one else is offering. Most of the coaching packages I purchased didn’t change my life, and didn’t change my business. Monicka’s style of work goes where no other coach goes.

This is the single most impactful investment in my business I’ve ever made.
It’s rare, it’s valuable, and people need to do it. 

- Kelly Hollingsworth, How to Make More Money

More clients and more profit than I’ve ever created before.

Monicka pissed me off a lot. She asked questions and took jabs that no one else dared to. Being an opinionated, stubborn, and proud creator, I somehow worked through my own drama enough to let her guide me through to the end. The result?

What’s obvious to the outside is fresh, bold and unforgettably ‘me’ visual branding, with photos that created throngs of admirers wondering who the heck my photographer was (just me and my iPhone). What they don’t know is that Monicka’s mentorship changed the way I show up to my business from the inside out.

I broke my own shell open, organized my shit, grew up, and dared the world to love me through both my most confident, genius edge and trembling vulnerability. Of course, that translated to more clients and more profit than I’ve ever created before. Monicka was a hard and weird teacher to have, and my big lucky break in 2019.

- Simone Grace Seol, Hypnosis Life Coach

Monicka really helps to bring YOU into what you do.

Use your personal creativity to create your business identity. She taught me how to think about my own creativity in ways I’d never considered, and it helped me break out of my cozy little, introvert shell. This work also helped me shape a great narrative story for my business AND produce images to match that story.

The self portraits I have now are way better and more expressive than anything I’ve had before. It’s ok for me to stand out and put myself out there, whether it’s like being intelligent or funny, or sexy or creative. Plus, I have the skills now to keep producing new images, experimenting, and playing to grow as my business grows.

Monicka is super supportive and very skilled in pulling out the bigger themes and ideas in your business. And she’s so joyful and fun.  Breaking out of your shell can be scary, but she creates a safe space to experiment and play. The way she organizes her images for social media posts is brilliant. It helped me stay focused by theme and business goal. For someone who’s easily overwhelmed by all the moving parts, it’s been a great way to approach content creation and organization. 

- Cara Maclean, The Splendid Spark

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