The last few days, there has been ONE main question in my mind:

What is my leadership in this COVID-19 life?
How do I want to show up for my business and for my family?
All of us at home, you can only imagine…😱

How do I take charge of all this LIKE A NINJA?

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Self Leadership

Start here:
What do I feel like doing right NOW?
What will make me feel better? What will soothe me?
How can I improve my situation? Start with the physicals. Your body, your space.
Then add: What will make me feel more accomplished and better about myself?
Make a list. Include all those “some day” projects. Something may be more doable and stick…

🙋‍♀️Yesterday I started by tidying and organizing my office. I added another working spot, so it can feel like going to “another location”, now that my morning cafe is a no-no option.
Today, I found myself cleaning my make-up shelves. I threw out old lipsticks, sunscreens and expired medicine. I also trimmed my eyebrows. #updated
I didn’t do these things as a “strategy.” I followed my gut, and then gave myself the permission, that it’s JUST FINE that THIS IS ALL I’M DOING.


ps: I also changed my running route, to a little less picturesque than the beach front, but not as populated.


Home Leadership 

What can I put in place for my home and family today?
What new rules and routine?
What should immediately change to reflect what we’re going through?
Put it all “in the calendar.”

Include regular fun stuff like Just Dance and a table game. AND calling grandparents and other relatives that live alone.


🙋‍♀️We had a family meeting.
We got down what everybody wanted:
 Some school stuff, pleeeenty of screen time (sigh.) Meals (down to the weekly menu.) Snack times (with a timer reminder to offer it before they ask for It….) I also find that having scheduled snack times, eliminates excess snacking. For me too! We added to the plan house chores, exercise, and way more than usual family time. Working hours are also marked and thus protected…. Niiiiinja!!!!!

Does it work line a charm? Most of time.
Without this plan, we’d all be wondering mindless, doing nothing but marinate in our misery. No, thank you!


Community Leadership

 Now that your basics have a shape, think what you can do for other people.

How can you connect? With whom?
How can you help?
How can you expand your circle in a new way? 

Cyber meetings via Zoom are a blessing. Initiate them with the people you most want to meet and connect with.

🙋‍♀️I started calling two friends a day. With most of them I haven’t talked in months. Planning virtual coffees with other business owners and colleagues, to keep the sanity.
Arranged video conference calls for my kids to meet up with their friends.
More will come…


Business Leadership

Now that your systems are in place, look at your business. Consider the following: 

People have NEW pain points. 

Tune into what these are… and create or update your offerings accordingly. 

Adapt everything in your messaging to the new situation. 

All the rest falls into deaf ears, and seems off and irrelevant, making YOU irrelevant… 

So, what is your new messaging?
How do you want to guide your people? 

What is relevant that you can you offer for free?
What can you offer for money?
What can you offer for more money? 

What completely new business can you create from this? (When there is crisis, there is opportunity.)
Those fast implementors are already killing it.

🙋‍♀️I’ll be offering a new incarnation of my signature program. With UPSELLS. also, I want to put out a podcast or new series in a YouTube channel. Still brainstorming this…


There is nothing to push THESE days.
Let it all emerge.. with a little help…
And then always circle back to the first one.👆👆👆
Take care of YOU!

This is THE time to reevaluate who you are and REINVENT yourself.
Which of these you find most useful?

Got any of your own to add? Drop them below!
We got this!