Finding Your

a workshop to come alive into
your full-color personal brand

Paros Island, Greece.

Oct 8-12, 2018

Come Alive.
Bring your most expressed, lively, dynamic and inspiring image to the table.

Are you tired of watering yourself down? of being unexpressed, overlooked and undervalued?
Oh-so-ready to come alive? with no fear of feeling and being seen? Hope so!!!!

We will gather: biz owners, creative women, with some serious fun hidden inside of you.

You’ll bring along: your unique values, talents, quirks, and every shade of your being!

Finding Your Self-Magic is one-of-a-kind, hands-on, creative coaching workshop and retreat.

A magical island. Intimate group. Greek hospitality. Yummy food. The crowds are gone, and so is the summer heat. The perfect-weather season. The best light for photographic adventures. Creativity. Self-Expression. Joy. Collective photo-shoots. Beyoncé Confidence. Play camera as we color-dance (yes, it’s a thing.) Journaling time. Deep inner work meets center of the earth. Circle sharing. Running mascara. Island exploration. Mega inspiration. never looked back awakening.

Hosted at the serene Tao’s center, in Paros, Greece. Workshop, accommodation, most meals and shared car are included.



Feel invisible. You’re not being seen or heard, even inside yourself. You’re caught in the middle: mature and forever young at the same time. How does that work??

Crave to Feel things. And believe that you can be, and be in business, with more excitement and zest than a clean logo.

Need to shake things up. More joy with image and body image.

Want to create a memorable personal brand that puts you on fire and that it doesn’t feel like a job!

Are usually at the footnote of your To-Do-list. If any.

Need a break from everyday life to do the things you never do. What are these??

Are ready to give yourself an extraordinary, transformative experience. Hell yes!!!

What’s included?

  • 5 nights accommodation. Private or Shared renovated rooms at a family owned hotel at the near by village of Ambelas. Yes, they have wifi. And a swimming pool!
  • Most Meals. Welcome dinner + x2 meals for the rest 4 days. Healthy, delicious, vegetarian. Fresh and local materials. For Lunch & Dinner the menu offers the very best of Asian Cuisine.
  • Shared Car to explore the island. Yoo-hoo!

The in-person experience:

  • X9 Finding Your Self-Magic Sessions.
  • Daily morning meditation at Tao’s Center (optional.)
  • Play Materials. (I’ll bring my Mary Poppins bag–as big as they will let me on the plane!)

The pre-workshop:

A prep-styling-workshop which will take place online one month before the retreat. #getready

The after-support:

4 weeks of Self-Magic coaching, photo-feedback, and encouragement after the workshop ends. Keep your mojo going and my eyes on you… even after you leave the island. #priceless

The Sessions

X4 Self-Magic Live Play Sessions

Don’t-take-yourself-seriously-Dress-up party. Laughter. Light movement and color dance. Camera play. Indoors. Outdoors. Silliness. Red-est lipstick. Bring on your imagination and daring style. Green glitter and every other experiment you aren’t allowed at home! Ha!

We can take photos. Of ourselves and of others. Wear “pretty-sexy make up” and feel like the most gorgeous thing alive.  Let loose some more adventurous versions of yourself. Think channelling your inner Madonna, Minnie Mouse, or Medusa. Miss Piggy or Magicka de Spell (Donald’s cousin.) Or whoever else is your Muse!

X5 Self-Magic Circle Sessions

First-hand guidance through the Self-Magic color archetypes and process. We’ll journal, make art for our photo-props and share our stories. Nothing like the eyes of another to help you see yourself.


“When we were small children we all played dress-up and everybody had a good time. So why stop?”

Iris Apfel

What you’ll get out of them?

  • A solid foundation for your irresistible personal brand.
  • Pictures of your most lively, dynamic and inspiring self, like wowa. Proof to help you remember who you are, loooong after the retreat is over.
  • You’ll reveal sides of yourself, that you always knew were there, but never allowed to turn on the volume!
  • A stronger voice and clearer vision and wilder imagination of your desires and your future.
  • A new sense of confidence and self-love. #priority
  • A major life energy shift. You’ll feel inspired, connected, recharged (and more colorful.) #magnet
  • You’ll leave loaded with plenty of ideas and visuals. For your business, website, social media, personal look-book and what not!

Your Mentor

Hey, I’m Monicka Clio Sakki.

An award-winning Artist. Creative Director. Brand Expert. Self-Expression Coach. Publisher. Founder of Self-Magic School and The Art of Seeing & Showing Who You Are. Creator of The Sakki-Sakki Tarot – for the Artist in Each of Us. Co-author of its companion book Playing with Symbols. Trilingual with no mother tongue. INFJ. Married Mama of two. Magenta devotee.

I work with amazing, crazy-talented women, who are totally tired of being unexpressed, overlooked and undervalued and oh-so-ready to create change through their business and in their lives. During the Self-Magic process they come alive. They awaken their creativity and reveal their unmistakable brand that grows with them. They get to be seen and build massive confidence to communicate their message, attract their people and make it happen their way. 

My fave tools are: The 6+1 colors. Parchment and tissue papers. Candy wrappers (ah, that coconut one). My daughter’s tutu. A “too much” long dress bought in Paris. Found objects anywhere (one’s trash is another’s treasure…) Camera. iPhone or iPad. Not waiting for the perfect mood.

“Finding Your Self-Magic” is my absolute dream, in-person, self-branding workshop. (because we really need to get out of the house for a few days to allow ourselves the playful freedom we have no longer time for!!) See ya at the “The Black Witches Dance”!

How Much?

Launch Price : €1099 

Pay €500 upfront and the rest on site in October. For a private room, add €45 to the total.

Book Your Spot + Room

To reserve your spot and room, APPLY HERE. You’ll get a response within 2-3 days. Got any other Qs? Shoot me an email.

The Complete Schedule


How can I get to Paros island?

You can reach Paros by plane from Athens (30 mins) , or by ferry boat from Piraeus or Rafina. In any case, book your flights, including to the island as soon as possible!

What day should I get there?

If you are coming from a friendly timezone, you can fly in that same day, Oct 8th. We meet only in the afternoon, so you have plenty of time to arrive and settle in. If you’ll arrive jet lagged, then you may want fly in a day before. Totally up to you!

What gear do I need for the workshop?

You’ll need a camera you’re excited to work with. At a minimum a smartphone would be ideal. If you have an iPad, pls bring it along!

Do I need to be talented or fit to participate?

We will get creative, and we’ll move, but no special talent or fitness level is required. Get ready to open your eyes though!
That said, if you’re looking for a workshop where you can sit on a pillow, and fill up your journal as you take notes, this is probably not for you…

Is this like a photography class?

Finding Your Self-Magic is not a photography class (although you will totally polish your photographic and “seeing” skills!)

In what language will the workshop be?

All communication is in English.  But if you want to practice your Greek a little, I can help you here and there 🙂

I’m in Introvert. Is this for me?

I’m an introvert too!! It takes a safe space for us to come alive, and that’s why this workshop is an introvert’s heaven.

I got more questions. Can you help?

Yes! Shoot me an email!


“Monicka Clio Sakki is her own category.”

Whip-smart. Articulate. Hilarious & commanding. Plus mega mega creative. You can’t help but be in her presence and come alive with a jolt of excitement from your own electric self-magic. She’ll call you on your shit – and bake you a frosty cake in the same day. I trust her with my life & my business. (You will too.)

Erika Lyremark |  Author, Think Like A Stripper & Creator of The Daily Whip

“Monicka is a modern sage.”

Don’t let her playful spirit fool you. She creates meaning by combining her natural strengths: Imagination, analysis, intuition, and creative expression.
At one glance, she’ll capture the essence of your true potential and the possibilities lying in front of you. She’ll do that by seeing through your bullshit and the stories you’ve been telling yourself. She helped me more than I can ever explain during the process of redefining my business. Her her x-ray vision, highly strategic questions, and direct, detailed feedback, helped me reach the level of clarity I have now. The power to step into the next stage in my business.

Cigdem Kobu | Founder of The Inky Path

“Holy moly, it has been transformation central for me.”

I have come to a much deeper sense of what I actually offer in my work and how I come across in the world. I was able to overcome resistance and discomfort. I found a way to show myself from a place of deep authenticity.

I have had a MONUMENTAL shift in the ease with which I let myself be me when I communicate in my photos and videos… You can (and should, PLEASE!) show this side of you to your audience. They NEED to see it.

Monicka is a generous, fierce, value-digging woman! Her process is deep and profound. This has been the most important work I’ve done for my business.

Susan Fauman |  Jewelry Designer

“The best part was the freedom of showing myself who I am. It’s SO SELF EMPOWERING.”

In many ways Monicka brought out what I ALREADY knew I had inside of me. What was missing was my external expression of it. My photos are ‘familiar’ and ‘who I really am’ but in my living world, I haven’t come out with ‘who I really am’. I don’t know HOW to come out.

So… this was healing. To to see the real me ‘on the outside’ and it’s not surprising what I saw.

My pictures “talked back to me”, with business ideas! So unexpected!

I really loved the concept and the self love involved… I’ve never seen anything like it!

Anaa Mansouri | Your Heart Compass Guide

“This program gave me SO much confidence!”

This is different. It’s fun, personally engaging, but produces great business results. It brought positive energy into my marketing materials (and I haven’t felt so pretty in a few years!)

Monicka was great to work with: playful, creative, challenging. Always pushing me to the next level.

Elaine Bayless | Empowerment Coach

“Monicka takes people out of black & white and into color.”

As an entrepreneur, you can’t just blog anymore. She helps you determine how to express yourself in a creative way, and explore new ways to be seen. To have fun with it.

It was such a transition for me. It provided such a transformation in my level of comfort and where I could go for inspiration. That forever changed how I deal with people in the online environment.

Charlotte Spencer | Spiritual Docent & Soul Sherpa

“You are SO fun — that made it so much easier to Play and share.”

You are amazing… Wonderful energy, so very funny and engaging, encouraging without ever losing sincerity… I could go on…

And I hated any idea of video before — but I’m so coming around.

Did I mention exposure to her is super-motivating??

Dr. Karen Shue | Brain and Health

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