is not a matter or desire or of choice now. 

It’s not even a necessity.

It’s what will be. 

The 💩💩💩 has hit the fan, and more is coming.
Please tell me you’re healthy AND home…
I’m not even counting the days… as far as I’m concerned this can take months. 

A crisis is always the priority. So, vitals, first. 
Besides health issues, I outlined a great (so I hear) Leadership Plan for yourself.

The good news is that REINVENTING Your Personal Brand can be the most powerful and healing action, and your savior right now. 

It has the power to take your mind off the things you don’t need to over-consume, and to put your precious energy to what really matters for the further future.
Cause this will COME. 


Are you still not feeling creative? Here are 5 Reasons to Awaken Your Inner Creativity Code!

Assess the Situation

What corona times changed for you and your business?
What would YOU like to change, now?


Connect with New Calling 

Crisis demands urgent response, and that comes with a new calling. 
What is your new calling about? Has anything in your angle changed?
What is the FIRST advice you felt you had to give at times like these? Copy that!

👉The day before lockdown started, I got all dressed up and had an apocalyptic photoshoot at a scouts camp. My first response was to get CREATIVE, of course. I also started talking about leadership, and asking myself what is my leadership NOW. The topic of visibility has transformed into guidance for me. This is not entirely new, but it’s oh. so. much. more. clear. now. 
I felt the urge to offer my analysis AND systems again–like this post.


Ride the Wave

Use the current events as fuel to gain momentum for your business. The world is on fire, so let that rub you, beyond the disaster. It’s clear by now, that this chaos also brings endless blessings and opportunities. Be one of them!

👉Have you seen how many people are active now? It’s blasting!! Going live, singing, dancing, praying, tutorials and so on? People that had businesses offline, or not at all. They’re are being called to get creative.
These people respond to their new calling, from the heat and their heart. They don’t look around to see what others are doing. They don’t wait for permission. They express themselves as a way to survive this, undefeated, and with flying colors. 


Refresh your Message

No matter what your message was, it most likely needs adjustment. Make it solve one of the many problems that people face now. Direct it to relevancy, and make it part of your business (not your hobby.) Make it inspiring, jolly and bright. What would crack a smile? Now people need laughter more than ever. 

👉I see two ways to make your message relevant:
1) Refer to these times. So, you talk/sell the same thing, but you give it a spin and make it for NOW. 
2) You create something entirely new, that was inspired by the current crazy situation.

Make a (Creative) Plan

One that is simple and that you can implement fast. Don’t ask people to overcommit their anything. Choose activities that can be consumed easily (especially of it’s FREE…There is LOTS of competition now for free stuff… ). Inspire Hope, Certainty & Stability. 

👉Btw, you don’t have to reinvent ALL of your business. You can do it with ONE NEW thing. Even if you offer something you’ve offered before, repackaging it, makes it NEW. Whatever you do, bring on the creativity and a current events flavor! 
p.s: I’m totally working on mine… 


Make a Splash

‘Cause we’re talking about REINVENTION not about coping. So, a splash it is! not just getting your toes wet…
If you cant make it perfect, at least make to RAW. (it’s not the same an imperfect…) 
Make it playfully but wrap it seriously (and with a bow.)
Do know you can do a total rebrand with one idea and ONE image? 

👉That’s Quarantrainment is an example I lLOOOOVE by a trio of brilliant entrepreneurs that encapsulates ALL the above. 


Take it Easy, Mama.

Parenting at the Time of Corona!!!!!!!!! Gasp!
It’s OKAY if this is not yet your time for reinvention, although… that may be the exact reason, why IT IS. 
Do your best to rebalance on a daily basis. As parents we are facing the same challenges, without any of the usual support and social systems. We don’t even have time to get desperate, right?? No choice than 

👉I got less time than EVER. Thankful for “Just Dance.” Ordered noise cancelling headphones. Grateful for tomorrow being a new day and for NOT counting how many days we’ve been (or will keep being in lockdown.) 

Did you like this? What are you now inspired to do?
Would love to hear from you!
I’ll be updating this post with more examples… AND

If you want to kick start your new phase, start HERE


Are you still not feeling creative? Here are 5 Reasons to Awaken Your Inner Creativity Code!