I was shocked to find out that I have been hiding.

“The Joy of Hiding” hasn’t been working as well for me ever since…
So I took on this plan. And… it’s working!!  Get Yours HERE.

There will be excuses for this. Lots of them, plenty and ample.
Because honestly, who wants to un-hide???
Even when you get it. That you are. And that you do. It isn’t a sexy proposition, is it?

But what if we flip it, and look at it from a new lens?

The opposite of Hiding, the desired outcome, is not becoming visible.

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I don’t know about you, but THAT excites me!


The fairy tales always get it right

Let me tell you a bit about Little Red Riding Hood and the many symbolic reasons why her cloak is red.
First, she was someone about to get noticed. When you wear Red, don’t be surprised if that happens. Her hood shows that she is adventurous and indeed bold to walk all by herself in the woods. She is also an “object of desire”, tempting and promising–she had a basket full of goods, no?

But she was also a clear target, and in danger. Oh my!

Now let’s play a little, and borrow her red cape. (an absolutely timeless piece, don’t you think?)

This is OUR Hiding Hood and here is our story

When we wear it, we don’t see the red color from the inside.
Underneath it, we are unseen to others but also to ourselves, covering our red fruitful inner “promising-ness”.

The outer red, signifies both the potential and the danger inside. We may feel protected and safe under the hood, but the risk of disconnection, isolation and eventually not sharing our gifts, is apparent. A ticking bomb that instead of leading into a festive explosion, will lead to an internal breakdown (or martinis at 9am…)

Now that’s alerting, right?

The good news, is that Red also signifies ACTION, and as always, the problem and the solution can be found in the same package–spelling the exact steps we need to take to turn that little red hiding hood into a personalized red hot action plan!

So, here it is!:
Your Red Hot Action Plan to stop Hiding (free)

and share with those you want to SEE:

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and leave a comment below (part of “the plan”, baby!):
What was the numero uno thing that you took from it?
xoxox Moi