A FREE CHALLENGE for women who are the face of their business. 

A FREE CHALLENGE for women who are the face of their business.


Create excitement for your brand

[a challenge]

Fun is serious business.

Ready to get more eyes on your business and more money in your bank? You got this when you


Create exciting vibe & visuals for your personal brand

A FREE Challenge.

3 days that will change the way you approach your brand photography. 

You’ll leave inspired and confident to do things with a little (or a lot) of pizzaz. 

You’ll get a new skill. It will be SO worth your time, you’ll forget all about the new Starbucks Iced Irish cream latte… 


This is for you if

  •  you’re tired of having no original images to post (although your phone is clogged with pictures.)
  • you’re over having to rely on curated stock photos to carry YOUR personality… (pls, not another succulent….)
  • you’re done having to scramble for style, or copying others’. Ouch!
  • you’re ready to heal your invisibility, take up space and pop!

WHO: Women (& self-identified) entrepreneurs
WHERE: Pop up FB group.
DRINKS? Yes! Bring your creative juices!
COST = Nothing!

 Ready to POP??

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I’m Monicka, and I’m the one running with the pink balloon at the beach! O.M.G what a fun day it was!

As soon as I started my business online, I needed new pictures for my website. Although I’m a creative director, I didn’t know then what my brand was, or what to ask for, from a photographer. So, I started taking my own photos.

I haven’t looked back! Not only that, I developed a whole branding and visibility framework around it, which I call Self-Magic Woman. AND. that’s also my creative practice that keeps me creatively fit and spirited.

In this 3 days short challenge (cause, holidays…) I’ll share with you some of my methods and spark your creativity, so you can do the same.
See you inside!


Monicka Clio Sakki
Image & Brand Strategist, Creativity & Visibility Mentor

What You Create, Creates You

 Ready to POP??

Sign up HERE:

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