A FREE GROUP for women who are the face of their business. 

A FREE GROUP for women who are the face of their business.


with Friends, Food & Photos

Friends, Food & Photos was my idea for a retreat in Greece, this coming September… but I never even got to post the sales page.  

As the world changes, I decided to use my craving to create something totally different. Here & now.   

In this Pandemic Pop FREE group you will

  • See & Be seen
  • Have the best reason to get off your pjs!!! 
  • Boost your joie de vivre + mental wellness
  • Document history
  • Get your reinvention going


Who is it for?

It’s for creative entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, artists,  & service providers. For women, and self-identified women building their personal brands, aka, doing business as Themselves. 

See you inside! where else these days…

Monicka Clio Sakki is a creative director, coach and the creator of Self-Magic Woman–an online Self-Discovery Studio ‪for female leaders becoming their next identity and face of their business.  

She insists that the paradox of the BE YOURSELF era, is that the biggest question, is still this: Who Are You?? 

In these chaotic-coronavirus times, this question is more important than ever.  

Her mission? Stay home and Come Alive! With dynamo creativity, playful boldness and her Color Quest, Monicka helps her clients reinvent themselves. Their exciting, magnetic presence is complete with exaggerations, exclamation points and… sparks conversation.

This sage & practical work connects them deeper to themselves and helps them navigate uncertainty. It expands their vision, and pulls in their perfect people (& profitability.)

REINVENTION isn’t now a matter of desire or choice. 

It’s not even a necessity. 
It’s what will be.

Who will you be?

See you inside! where else these days…

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