Digital Art Collectibles


PLAYSTORIES are born when Inner Child meets Divine Feminine.
Play, build, break apart, and reinvent, all on your own terms.

About Play Stories

PlayStories Digital Collectibles are minted as editions with my own  ERC1177 contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Inspired Goddesses are overcrowding my desk. When you meet me on zoom you can spot them cheering in the background.

Ready to play?? If one of them catches your eye, see it as your personal reading.

PlayStories is my personal, genesis NFT collection. Collectors will receive additional secret content, future surprises and allow spots for my upcoming projects (and boy, they’re coming!)


The Message

Play has become my kind of PRAYER. 

Beyond satisfying times, Play Stories reflect  that we’re more than we think we are.
We possess powers we don’t always see or use.
Our identity and purpose is not singular, but multilayered.
The sacred is found in the ordinary (toys.)
Change and reinvention is the default. 
Through shapeshifting we access our power.



The Creative Process

The first stage is the making of the Lego Goddess–I’ve always seen them as Goddesses….
It all starts with a name and a domain, or, by gathering blocks in certain colors. The first Goddess was created in 2016.
What does it take to create such a Goddess? Everything Good

It takes a while. I let that sit for a few days, or weeks, and I play with it till it feels complete. Sometimes I fight the build-and-rebuild nature of Lego, by wanting to keep my Goddesses the way they turned out, forever and ever. Working on myself with that one…

The next step is where the Goddesses become Muses and Models in one.

It’s time for them to come alive and show off their personality and style… at another day, or month, in a different location and light.

Spring Play calls for playing with flowers… and they get to express their sensuality and full bloom.
Color Play can happen 
any day of the year, at any hour. 

The Artist

Monicka Clio Sakki is exploring identity, self-expression, and personal power.