Double the years. And more than double the difference.
My mum had me when she was 21. I had my daughter right after I turned 40.

What an opportunity to redefine motherhood for myself and for my daughter.
Most of the time I believe I do.
Sometimes I surprise myself of how I don’t, in-spite of my best intentions.

The best thing that my age has given me is the ability to spot this right on. To become aware fast and to happily apologize to my super smart and sensitive girl, who knows exactly when I am out of line.


The Mother of Creation

Regardless of our mothers and our children, I now feel even more connected to being the Mother of my Creations: The well known birthing process, the feeling of my “baby” out there.

Lately I have been thinking how I can take the lessons learned from my mother-daughter, daughter-mother experiences to understand better my relationship with my creations, and the effect of the creative process in life in general.
(I also have a son, but somehow, endnote surprisingly, it is through my daughter, this mirroring, that I dive into this.)

I have been talking repeatedly about “Stand by your art, not behind it”, but this inquiry goes deeper.

What will make me a better mother towards my creations?

What can I change in my process to create a better “relationship” between us?

What feelings do I have around my art that create a positive and healthy relationship with mutual growth?

What feelings do I have that create a negative, even destructive relationship? Can I name them?

I love the term “good enough” for motherhood. So what is for me a “good enough” mother to my creations?

And hey, What is for me a “good enough” mother to… Myself?

How can I nurture the creator and the creation at the same time?


I wish you A Happy Mothers Day, wherever you are and whatever your unique situation with your mother, or as a mother is.
Because it always is unique.

And because you always have the power to be the Mother of Your Creations and also the Mother of Your Creation.


Would love to know if any of these questions/thoughts resonate with you–and maybe you have any answers?


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