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If you’re ready to take your personal brand to the next level by creating fully-expressed, authentic, unmissable, uncopiable, sustainable, healing and evolving impressions to attract your audience and carry your message, JOIN THE WAITLIST

ps: your MORE may turn Too Much. I hope you don’t mind… 

Capturing your own image is a must-have skill for every entrepreneur doing business online

With sooooo many MORE people online fighting for attention… you have to do MORE to capture, charm and turn strangers into clients.
You also have to do MORE to get yourself out of your sweat pants, right???   

But what kind of MORE?
aren’t you exhausted already??  

In this experience I’ll show you how to BE MORE (not DO more…)


Being MORE of Yourself (aka, your Self-Magic) is your secret weapon to   

  • Reveal your brand & Unmistakably stand out like 5th Av windows
  • Feel “HELL YES” confident with what you put out there
  • Defy copycat trends, cause eeeeveryone’s doing “insta perfect”
  • Seriously spice up your stay-at-home Saturdays (or is it Sundays? or… Mondays?) 

You’re going to discover how your most authentic identity is your most creative identity, and how to make it work for YOU, while adding MORE fun to your business building.  

Who is it for?  

It’s for creative entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, artists,  & service providers. For women and self-identified women building their personal brands, doing business as Themselves.  

If one OR more of these are true– it’s perfect for you!  

  • You’re hungry or desperate for images for your business /brand /social  
  • You need pics but haaaaate having your picture take  
  • You want to put yourself out there, but find that you mainly keep on hiding  
  • You want to bring JOY in your business, but you don’t seem to bring it
  • You’re transitioning/ rebranding/ reinventing and learning to lead  
  • You want to kick out the Covid-10 BLAH

Who’s calling the shots 📸 here?

Monicka Clio Sakki is The Self-Magic Mentor.

She helps creative entrepreneurs burst out of their shell, ooze individuality and become their full-blown, high-vibe, personal brand. One surprising selfie at a time. 

Monicka insists that your most authentic identity is your most creative identity. And that the paradox of the BE YOURSELF (and this chaotic) era, is that it begs the question: Who Are You??

Through her innovative Self-Magic method & signature coaching program, she has helped coaches, creatives & authors to uncover and fully express their brand and heal their invisibility.

 The Self-Magic Experience is the only personal brand framework that combines strategy, creative direction, play and self-image healing.

When you meet Monicka on zoom, you’ll find her surrounded by The Inspired Council–a colorful line up of LEGO made Goddess. She built them herself from her kids’ leftover blocks. Each one has a name and domain, so make sure you ask her to show you Madame Desire & Miss Inspiration.  

Ready for MORE?

What they SAY

Find that new energy to become who you want to be

It was like experiencing an explosion inside your brain, because of how you see yourself. You suddenly become a colorful and playful artist. You create and you are obsessed with it. I recommend to everyone who are ready to launch themselves into this unknown magical space where they can redefine their self-image and find that new energy to become who they want to be.

- Gabriella Masa-Horvath

Get comfortable with not just owning your brand, but BEING your brand

This was so much fun! Thank you for this whole experience– fun exercises to get comfortable with not just owning your brand, but BEING your brand. I’d recommend it to anyone who is confident in their work, but less confident in themselves.
- Meg Watson

You prompted a door to open, one I had forgotten ever existed

This was such a unique experience! Without the challenge I may never have started experimenting taking pictures of myself and sharing them *gasp*, it’s like you prompted a door to open, one I had forgotten ever existed. 
- Anu B

Clarity, purpose and goalsetting all in one magical, multicolored, Willy Wonka style, gobstopper

This challenge will surprise you! Monicka has a real knack of bringing out colors in you, that you never thought existed. Through this super fun and playful approach, she helps you to work on both the inner and outer work. Yes, you get very cool imagery for your brand and profile, but make no mistake. This work goes so many layers deeper. This is self-love, confidence building and understanding at a new level. It is clarity, purpose and goalsetting all in one magical, multicolored, Willy Wonka style, gobstopper. It’s surprising, exciting and slightly addictive too (in a good way) I love how it pushed me out of the box, it feels so free to play this way! Thank you Monicka ❤

- Joyce van der Lely

I discovered an image of myself I didn’t know

- Audrey Gonon

More impact and more interaction

Without regular access to a good photographer, getting my own image out there on a consistent basis had been a challenge. Monicka’s process made me realize that I could produce my own images.  I cannot explain how liberating this has been!
Using my own images regularly has been making more impact and getting more interaction.

- Aysin Karaduman, NTP & Coach

Now I’m my own canvas

From a person who doesn’t take selfies, doesn’t show herself on social media, doesn’t do any of that, I learned how to use a process to be playful… I‘m enamored by all the different ways I can show myself.
I’ve always been a creative, but I’ve never used me, my physical form as part of my creativity. So to be in front of the camera is very different. Now I’m my own canvas.  

- Tamara Lee, Money & Sexuality Coach

Ready for MORE?

Capture Your Magic 
Capture Your MORE

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ps: your MORE may turn Too Much. I hope you don’t mind… 

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