Media Release Form

Thank you for making magic with me

PROGRAM: The Self-Magic Show
PRODUCER: Monicka Clio Sakki

The below named Guest does hereby consent to the recording and distribution of reproduction(s) of the Guest’s voice, likeness, video footage (live streamed or pre-recorded) as part of the above named program (herein referred to as the “Program”). 

Guest does hereby acknowledge that the Show producer (“Producer”) is the sole owner of all rights in and to the Program, and the recording thereof, for all purposes; and has the right, among other things, to publish and distribute the Program one or more times by any medium or mode of transmission whatsoever. Any materials relating to the production and distribution of the Program become property of Producer. 

Guest further acknowledges and agrees:

(a) Guest will receive no compensation for appearances on and participation in the Program or distribution of the Program materials by any medium. 

(b) Guest’s name and likeness may be used in advertising and promotional materials for the Program and the Program materials published and transmitted by any medium.

(c) Guest hereby releases and discharges Producer together with all of Producer’s principals, shareholders, officers, employees, agents, successors, heirs, assigns and affiliates from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with the making, producing , reproducing, processing, exhibiting, distributing, publishing, transmitting by any means or otherwise using the above-mention production. 

(d) Parts of the interview, whether in video, audio, or written form may be used separately as testimonial for offerings related to the Program. 

Execution of this Agreement does not obligate Monicka Clio Sakki to publish your presentation or other materials.

If the foregoing terms are satisfactory, please print your name and date this agreement below.
By filing and submitting this form you have AGREED AND ACCEPTED the terms. 

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