part 5

Self-Magic Woman

Your subconscious mind loves communicating through images.

Self-Magic photoshoots are a powerful way to discover hidden insights about yourself, your business, and your clients.
Yes, you can read them like Tarot cards! 

Your Creativity has the ability to initiate renewal at a core level.
It can spark change, heal and reform your personal mission, brand and business. 

Inner work  x  Immediate outer results

The process of Self-Magic photoshoots, offers you a playground to develop your visual vocabulary and inner terrain, while you evolve…

Brand exploration before you nail your brand identity.

In the meantime be 100% YOU, and
Get Attention, Become Recognizable, and Build Connection, PRONTO!

Shall we step over at the buffet?


Personal Brand Identity

Personal Style
Show your personality, develop your look, and define your magnetism– while defying the trends.

New Identity
Make your leadership, growth and transformation visible and recognizable. Get proof for your new identity.

Evolving Identity
Your looks change. Your work matures. Your offers expand… An organic, sustainable approach enables you to grow and shapeshift, keeping your self-presentation fresh, and your audience curious. 

Brand Photos
Get fresh and frequent brand photos anytime, even if you: hate being photographed, don’t love photos of yourself, feel critical about your looks, don’t know what you’re looking for, avoid a pro photoshoot, or your last pro pics are outdated.

Intellectual Property
Your self-portraits are part of your IP and reveal your evolution. They can be used for any purpose, raw or altered, no permission required.

Content Creation

Visual Brand Bank
Create a never-ending Brand Bank with images that pop with personality and match your message-like magic!

Content & Engagement Ideas
Your own imagery will inspire your core messaging. Get ample ideas for blog posts, social media and email campaigns that are emotionally engaging and visually appealing.

Curated Stills & Videos
Batch those reels!  An indispensable asset of visuals: images, short video clips and giffs for marketing, and your personal body of work. 

Accessible Visuals
Know where to look (and find) any of your images, ready to pop them in your posts, ads, stories, reels & emails.

Creative Expression and Play

Playful Self-Expression
Explore your playful side like nobody’s watching. Be the muse, the artist, and the art!

Inner Child Bond & Reparenting
Connect with your inner child, often buried by the voice of the inner critic and limiting beliefs. Tap in your sense of childhood wonder. Become a loving (and fun!) parent to your child-self. 

Spontaneity and Improvisation
Access the power of play and deepen your relationship with spontaneity, improvisation, and your uninhibited side. Rooooooooar! 

Creative Life Integration
Bring creativity into your business plan and schedule your non-negotiable creative play time, guilt-free!

Confidence and Empowerment

Camera Confidence
Be in your element, dolled up or with your hair down! Open the door for video, lives, and public speaking.

Professional Photoshoot Ready
Skip the stiff neck and dare to dazzle from first click!

Confidence Boost
Feel comfortable under your skin. Increase your overall confidence in how you show up  in the public eye and in private. 

Find pleasure in being seen!


Sacred Space for Self
Indulge in the rare luxury to get to know who you are when you’re alone. Reveal yourself creatively, without agenda or self-editing.

Observe your inner and outer self and discover something new and juicy about yourself.

Feel intensified love for your face and body, (even for parts not in the picture!)

Accept all of you – flaws and fabulousness. Heal your self-image and improve your relationship with yourself.

Trust Your Creativity

Look around you. 

Everything is look-alike.

You’re called to create

Something different…

Combine spontaneous ideas with your body’s wisdom and sparked enthusiasm.  Bring something new to the saturated sea of sameness.


Something you can’t ask for…

because you (and nobody else) has seen it yet.



that no creative director, brand strategist, or pro-photographer can bring to the table for you.

Would you have someone else write your Morning Pages for you? Exactly…


Discover Your
Come Alive


This is a hands-on empowering, liberating and expansive experience–that no one else offers. 

Explore your image FIRST, and develop an original and evolving brand identity that comes alive!

I’d love to see you at this 3 part immersive workshop!