part 4

See It To Believe It

As you become a leader you evolve into a new identity. 

Your new identity is not inspiration found in a Vogue magazine, or buried in a time capsule waiting for the right time to pop, nor a bigger-than-life vision with plastic pores imagined with Ai.

Your new identity is always tied to your actual image (even if what you’re offering has nothing to do with your looks.)

Any changes you go through are communicated first visually (new haircut… new location… new weight… newly found confidence… new offer… a full rebrand…) 


Visual Images come LAST.

In the classic branding process (whether for big brands or personal brands), original visuals are first brainstormed and then executed to the T to fit the requirements. It blows my mind how even some full-length movies have each-and-every-scene sketched frame-by-frame in a storyboard. That’s how you get a whole creative team on board and have full control of the outcome.

    As a personal brand though, you want your branding process to be alive and kickin’. 

    In fact, you want to lose control. 

    Your new identity demands to be discovered. 

    To emerge, expressed with your creativity. 

    Conceived with your body. 

    And to surprise you.

    Not formulated…. nor executed. Not generic! Personal.


    So we start with Image FIRST.
    Your image. 


    Combining the first WITH the last piece of the puzzle.

    self-discovery x image creation


    Before we get into the merits of this magic combo, let’s peek into the image creation process itself, since 

    Not all images are created equally.

    The image-led process is an embodied practice.
    It calls you to connect with your body’s wisdom and inner knowing,  in new and unexpected ways.

    It’s focused on the experience of the creation of the images as much as the results.

    You’ll create visual brand assets through
    Realness x Creativity 

    • Expression (not display)
    • Play (without posing!)
    • Exploration (beyond boundaries)
    • Daring (without risks)
    • Surprise (above expectation)
    • Connection (that starts with yourself)

    It’s empowering, challenging, joyful, magnetic, fosters growth and you can TRUST it. 

    Most of all:
    It’s a process where you COME ALIVE!

    And that’s the ONLY label that will free you from ALL other labels. 

    It’s a label that can (and will) change. 

    And once you embrace it, so will your relationship with yourself. 

    It all starts with your IMAGE, first.

    And goes on with a full buffet of benefits that serves You, Your Brand & Your Business.


    Starting with your image FIRST serves you and your business
    in multiple ways: