part 3

You’re Not So Vain

Let me break it out to you:

You don’t know how you want to be seen, unless you’ve already been seen that way. 

Visibility is more than exposure, page views, a hefty budget behind your ads, showing up on social media or beating the algorithm for likes & leads.

📸 Visibility starts with seeing yourself through your actual image–a reflection of you–your picture.

we’re talking beyond selfies, yo!


Image-led self-discovery revolutionizes

☑️ How You SEE Yourself
☑️ How You DESIRE to be seen
☑️ How You ENJOY to be seen

And eventually,

☑️ How OTHERS will see you.


yet… it’s not THAT simple 😅


The Curious Case of Being Seen

Let’s start with a few Truths about being seen:

  • Your face is the #1 visual that represents your brand.
  • You’re the highest authority regarding your representation.
  • Beauty is more than meets the eye. How we do beauty is highly personal and identity driven.
  • Every time you look in the mirror is a reconciliation with your image, and the changes that come with it. 
  • Most women don’t like to be seen, they don’t know how to be seen, or they never experienced being seen…  When they’re hiding, they’re also hiding from themselves.
  • Showing up without makeup or a filter, is as brave (and as inspiring) as grabbing all eyes on the red carpet after a team of ten professionals worked on your look.
  • Healing self-image is ongoing renewal, like updating to the latest operating system or watering your plants.

Our relationship with our image can be quite complex… and requires alignment.

For example:

👉 Visibility yo-yo

the hide-out-but-wanna-stand-out syndrome.

👉 Your image leads the way

An image upgrade or only dressing for “the job you want, not the job you have” gives you a glimpse of your future self. Closing the gap and catching up is a journey.

👉 Your image is eager to catch up

You’ve gone through an inner, deep transformation that’s gone a bit unnoticed, or at least uncelebrated. Updating your image is not always considered.

👉 Downplaying Visibility

“Fancy a power pose in a white pants suit in front of the Eiffel tower?”
“No, thank you.” 
Some women are confident enough in their work, that make it a point for their image to not matter at all, cause’ Brains>Beauty.
Well, even then, it does. 

You’re Not So Vain for desiring to be seen.

Being Seen

BEING SEEN is not so that you’ll be looked or stared at. It’s your way to connect with others and to get to know yourself and your work further.

BEING SEEN is also an underrated business skill.


The missing link of brand talk:

Enjoying Being Seen


You don’t need to be a style influencer, tossing outfits in the air, or do dirty-dancing to find pleasure in visibility.

How to enjoy being seen may never have been on your to-do list, yet it is essential to your capacity to be seen.

My Story

While my business was begging me to be visible– I (secretly) wanted to stay invisible.

Even as a branding expert, I was really stuck when it came to brand me.

I tried to see myself through the eyes of Personality Reports, Human Design, Clifton Strengths, Astrology, and Brand Archetype quizzes.

These offered valuable information but no transformation.

ALL of me was stuffed in a (well labeled) ziplock bag.

There was also deep inner work with journaling, meditations, mindset work, therapy and affirmations. I experienced profound shifts on a personal level, but when it came to Personal Branding there were no immediate outer results.

I needed something empowering, liberating, expansive,


 Something to put up on my website that showed who I was.

Image-Led Discovery

A journey of self-discovery through your image.
This is a process of creatively exploring your unique story, personal style and your authentic self.
Self-portraits beyond visuals. 

It’s also a process of healing your relationship with your image.
When you love and accept every bit of who you are,
you love and accept all of you.

And  you’re more likely to want to share yourself (with or without a filter…)

Image-led discovery is a powerful tool for personal branding.

When you know who you are and how you want to be seen, you can create a brand that is authentic and aligned with your values.

👆THIS (top visual)  was NOT what I initially had in mind re my branding, although I had no idea what my branding should/could/would look like…

this pink-glam series (no team necessary) reflected a vision and energy I didn’t know I had access to.

It drove multiple campaigns, and created a new kind of confidence that fueled me for months and years on.


SO, this I know:

self-discovery image creation pleasure in visibility

is where it’s at.

Let’s SEE it.