part 2

Healing Seems To Be The Hardest Work

Women’s most vulnerable spot is related to their image.

It’s the first to be attacked…scrutinized… compared… judged, and the easiest to wound.

 Women See & Hear

what’s wrong with their body from both strangers and loved ones (going back three generations!)
Hand picked packages of shoulds and unsolicited advice telling you and teaching you who you are, along with what and how to show it.

Ferocious campaigns hungry to get you fixed, promoting cosmetics, diets, procedures… dictated by the 500B+ beauty industry.

Confusing messages from both hyper-sexualized and repressed environments–blurring the lines between liberation, objectification and privacy of women’s bodies.

Social Media brainwash overflowing manicured feeds, magazine lives and impossible to meet standards.

Success-defining, luxurious photoshoots with cocktails, villas, yachts & Lamborghinis–or bust!

Ai generated avatars made out of pixel perfection, flattening human “flaws” and pushing away connection.

The result?

Facing beliefs which are hard to shake off…
even if you’re aware and ready to challenge them.

These beliefs drive women to either 

  • Feel invisible as business owners and as women.
  • Micro-manage their appearance. 
  • Struggle to step up as the face of their business.
  • Reject the relevance of their image next to their life’s work.
  • Try to fit a certain definition or style mold that’s not them.
  • Resist aging and hold on to their youth.
  • Hide entirely, missing opportunities.

No wonder the #1 reason women don’t SHOW UP as themselves, is related to their image. 


Our image holds the map (and the key…) to ALL our blocks.  

Healing self-image helps to clear the way so you can 

  • Remind yourself of the big, enormous, scary fantasies that are now misplaced in another galaxy, and make them Yours again. 
  • State the most controversial truth without fearing that your world will reject you forever. 
  • Ask for exactly what, when and how you want it.
  • Feel safe to charge what you deserve and desire.
  • Live without needing permission slips or apologies for your bold and out of the box choices.

👆While none of these are addressing your image…
your image has to do with ALL of these (and then some.)


This is WHY 

Women’s deepest healing is attached to the image of their face & body–no matter what they look like. 

And this isn’t a single image…
Women need to figure out their full expression and style,
as well as who they are unfiltered.


Image-Led Self-Discovery asks you to accept, make peace and make new choices, and eventually CELEBRATE EVERYTHING:
looks, body, age, story, scars, dreams…. 

And guess what?

You can start to LOVE YOURSELF MORE through your image.

What’s Self-Love Got to Do with It?
Self-Love is the light that enters through the cracks when you open your lens and allow yourself to be seen, without changing yourself.

And it’s THROUGH Self-Love that you can create any change…

SO, before we continue, let me ask you:

👉How do you like BEING SEEN?

Not sure how to answer that?
Keep reading… (I got you!)