Discover Your Come Alive Personal Brand

for female creatives, coaches & transformational leaders

Image First is a pioneering approach to branding turns the traditional process on its head.
Instead of thinking your way through your brand, you begin by capturing all the ways you want to be seen.

The image-led discovery process helps you express your creativity, find pleasure in visibility, and build an authentic, vibrant and evolving personal brand. 

A 5 part essay

1. All you need is Self-Discovery

Choosing yourself, self-discovery debt and cracking open your work.

2. Healing Seems To Be The Hardest Work

Healing self-image as the foundation of the branding process.

3. You’re Not So Vain

The complexity of visibility and how image-led discovery can increase your capacity (and desire) of being seen.

4. See It To Believe It

An innovative, embodied approach to creating an identity as a leader, with hard proof.

5. Self-Magic Woman

The multiple benefits of the IMAGE FIRST approach– for You, Your Brand & Business.


part 1

All you need is Self-Discovery

You’re all in for the
when it comes to creating a powerful personal brand, your theme song (and that same self-assuredness) start to stutter.

and all you can hear echoing in your mind is


**This is where you get stuck… ** Vinyl record style…

The reason for this uncertainty is that 
distilling yourself into a brand
can lead to an identity crisis. 

We’ve been conditioned to believe that a strong brand requires a clear mission, vision, and launch strategy, along with impactful messaging and a beautiful website with pro photography, when….

the true foundation lies in self-discovery.

Many of us have skipped crucial stages of self-discovery, carrying the weight of past experiences and societal expectations. 

We became adults too soon

What’s your story?

  • You may have felt insignificant and unseen.
  • Labeled as “difficult” or too sensitive.
  • Interested in things your family was not.
  • Your artistic passions may have been suppressed
  • You received mixed messages about your dreams.
  • You may have lacked the right environment or guidance to truly understand yourself.

The Impact of Self-Discovery Debt

This lack of self-discovery creates a self-discovery debt, leaving you building your personal brand on an unexplored foundation. 

But here’s the thing:

What You Create, Creates You. 

Your personal brand is not a static entity. 

As you evolve and re-discover yourself
you also evolve and re-discover your work,
and the work ahead of you. 

As you embark on this journey, you’ll uncover your unique value proposition – 

YOUR value is YOUR solution to YOUR problems! 

This realization empowers you to reinvent the wheel, or break the cycle altogether, of how you brand yourself.

This becomes the undertaking of transforming your pains into possibilities.

The Journey of Self-Creation

As you transition from survival to creation,
you choose yourself. 

You can no longer stick to scripts. You write your own.
You no longer need to follow. You become the leader. 

Choosing yourself is inevitable.

There is no other container that can bring your legacy together, AND evolve over time, other than your NAME and FACE. #yourbrand

What you didn’t expect is that…

Choosing Yourself (and branding yourself)
is Healing Work

Especially if you’re a Woman

This journey of self-discovery and personal branding is not without its challenges. For women, in particular, there’s a deeper layer of exploration surrounding their image. 

Why is that?