Is this YOU? Have you noticed?

The little (and big) ways we keep on hiding. #HowWeHide

The ways we handle (Anti)Social Media.
How we (mis)represent our work and our business.
How we avoid being personal.

Not owning your voice. Putting your work up-front, and yourself to the back seat. Diluting yourself. Dimming your light. Isolating yourself. Disengaging from life, without even knowing.

Being aware? Can move your mountains.

p.s: It takes one to know one. Many of these are definitely me!
p.p.s: I am expanding these, by #, via individual posts on IG.

How We Hide: 36 ways (and counting) you’re are hiding online (and off). A candid observation of the ways we handle (Anti)Social Media. How we (mis)represent our work. How we avoid being personal.


Online Social

1. A picture other than of yourself as a way to present yourself. Your favorite flower, pet or kid as your avatar don’t count.

2. Skipping introductions? Not saying hello or not introducing yourself in an online group or webinar you just joined.  #Incognito

3. Not adding your full name in opt-in forms, worried you may want to unsubscribe later.

4. Missing on the party. Not being active in groups/communities in which you already belong.

5. Your engagement strategy is based only on “Likes”. Never on comments.

6. Not reaching out to connect with people you find interesting and inspiring.

7. Not referring people, to people whose work you admire and appreciate.

8. Not initiating connections. Not tagging people of similar interests, or directing them to a resource.

9. Not commenting on blog posts, although you read them and find them valuable.

10. Not giving credit to others. Whether you use their work, or not.

11. Not submitting reviews, testimonials, or rating products/podcasts you use and love.

12. Giving “vanilla flavor” testimonials. (aka, not mentioning the real impact or transformation you experienced.)

13. Providing testimonials, without your picture, and/or with initials instead of your full name.

How We Hide: 36 ways (and counting) you’re hiding online (and off).

Work & Business

14. Keeping your art, writing, poems, inventions or methods in the closet.

15. Not using a talent you secretly know you have, or are dying to find out if you do.

16. Assuming everyone knows you, so you don’t ever need to introduce yourself or your business.

17. Not adding your name and/or your face, next to your work or business.

18. Referring to your solopreneur business as “We.”

19. Not having an elevator pitch handy, or anywhere.

20. Not signing your name at the end of an email.

21. An “About Me” page with no picture of you, or an old one, or needing scrolling down to see it.

22. Avoiding making videos like a plague!

23. No value for your work. Website with no “Shop” or “Work with Me”.

24. Not willing to commit to get followers (although this is the only way your business can survive.)

25. Not (really) wanting to stand out. Defining success “your way”, as under the radar.

26. A feed full of inspiration, information, perfect-picture visuals, but no sign of you or your personality.



27. Avoiding contact, or further engagement, with people you get to see all the time. Such as: neighbors, parents in your kids’ class, people you meet at the elevator or at work on a daily basis, service providers.

28. Being covered up in larger size clothes. Blurring your silhouette (even after weight loss.)

29. Avoiding to really look at yourself in the mirror.

30. Not introducing yourself to people you just met in real life.

31. Not saying your name clearly, or using another name (without trying to con anyone…)

32. Not being in touch with your deepest desires.

33. Not telling people what you want. (You expect them to guess?)

34. Not having a strong opinion. Avoiding to take sides.

35. Not taking a stand. Not sharing your opinions.

36. Leaving things for “Someday” or “Later in Life.”

So, which one makes you raise your hand up, right now??
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Got any observations of your own? Any related resource I can link to?
Chip in!

or, if you must keep on hiding, send them to me, even anonymously, from an untraceable email address…?

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Either way, pick at last ONE, and do something about it, ok?

Then come back the next day to pick another one,

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