10 tips on how to turn your broadcasting spot into an addictive hang-out. For yourself first, that is, as well as for your viewers!

Ok, so not everybody has a home ala-Anthropologie, or, like in my case, even if I had, you wouldn’t know, as our place is covered with toys and other toddler accessories. If anything, you would think I run a day-care center! Ha!
So, how can you go about it?

1. Declutter

Even if your style is cluttered and overstuffed by default, less is more for the camera eye.

2. Curate

You may love the stuff that you have but no need to show it all. Pick a few pieces, with lots of personality, that spell your taste and style, and make them your companions.

3. Undo Generic

Simple and clean does not have to be generic. Would someone else be able to step into your corner and deliver an amazing video? Then NO GOOD! Make it your own! Now!
And if you are shooting outside, mother nature and all, or in your back porch, add something that could not have been found there…by nature. Even a colorful ribbon could work! A splash of your personality!

4. Pick a Color

Let’s face it. The most effective way to distinguish your “stage” is by painting your wall a nice bright, “very you” color. You can also choose a nice background, but that is less customizable down the road, and you may get bored from it. You can always play around more with a solid hue. What are you going choose?? (don’t tell me eggshell!)

5. Satisfy Curiosity

People are by nature curious creatures and they are dying to know what you have in your closet and drawers. (My daughter just discovered that human trait…and practice.. omg…)
So, show them something! Give them an insider’s view. You pick! Something that can only be yours.

6. Mix Different Worlds

Fabric with wood. Abstract art with flowers. Books with glass. These create a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere. Draw your people in. Inspire them to want to join you there!

7. Add Something Fresh

From fresh flowers, to a fresh orange but not only! Fresh is not just about having something that is almost alive, but also by changing things up. That would be fresh… air, right? Not to mention fresh inspiration! Open ONE magazine! (I am very considerate, and I am not sending you down the rabbit hole here so you will search for ideas till eternity. Start with a quick look and implement!

8. Something Symbolic

When you pick your elements, see if you can find something that is symbolic of you. Something you have been collecting for years for example. Something everyone knows you love. Are you into owls? cartoon characters? feathers? world maps? These help create a signature look, that is sooooo you as well!

9. Have more that ONE

Have more than one spot. Maybe one indoors, one outside? See what you can come up with. Each can have a different mood. Use the best spot for your message, or take advantage of the best lighting!

10. Take Care Creating

Take care of yourself. Take care of your space even if that means to only tidy your desk. Show that you are deeply involved in it. Become your self-stylist! For yourself FIRST. It’s your way of filling your cup. Create creative expectations from youuuu!
Make this another place to experiment and be playful with. Devote half an hour and solve things that need upgrading. Add art. Try different lighting. Move the art around. Add your favorite mug. If you don’t have a nice one, get one! Add a few books. Change them. A pillow. You get it. It’s a process. A living breathing creative self-magic sanctuary. You should feel inspired to get there and tell your story and message from such a place.

Up your space with your personality and you are instantly up-ing your whole game.


So easy. And so fun. So, What are you waiting for????

Tell me three things you can do, add, change to your “corner” of the world, that can show your personality and magnetize addictively!