The secret to your success? Come alive, stand out and enjoy your business.

Do you ever go to watch a movie and as soon as it’s over you find yourself logging on iTunes to download songs from that movie, because they just can’t leave your head??? The first time it happened to me was after watching “Good Will Hunting”- I went straight and bought the whole CD, which kept playing in an endless loop, for weeks!

So this also happened with “The Greatest Showman”.

P.T. Barnum (played by oh-so-charming Hugh Jackman) was quite an entrepreneur. He had a knack of doing these differently. He turned a group of “freaks and misfits” into center-stage stars, as he envisioned the show business that is today known as “the circus”. Y’a See where I’m going?? Ok, so the story has some issues that may raise an eyebrow or two, (let’s leave those out of the convo for now), but all in all, the movie is an all over entertainment candy. Nevertheless, what grabbed me has nothing to do with the beautiful cast and artfully crafted rhythm of every scene. It was the over-familiar copy, words I’ve been repeatedly toying with in the last few years as I’m figuring my way as an entrepreneur. “Come Alive”, “This is Me”, The Greatest Show”. Rings a bell? Thought so too!

This movie is a manifesto. Our manifesto. 

It’s all about the Show.

Now, here’s the thing: You may not be an actor, singer or a trapeze performer. Neither am I.  You may not be a misfit or a freak, or… a unicorn. What is the definition of these, anyway??? (re eyebrows above)


If you run a business, you have to be seen or close down your business. It’s pretty much as simple as THAT. SO, inspired by the movie and by my own views (who have been simmering quietly), here are some points on the mindset and the how to put up your Show, as an entrepreneur.


1. You are already the full package.

No matter who you are, what you have to offer, how unique or weird you are– is enough. No additional degree needed. No more training. No changing of your accent. No fake eyelashes, a more appealing story or even any connections. Whatever goods you bring they are good enough for you to be the full package, and sail with it. You discover your best work by sharing it. #go

2. Explore new ways to become a lighthouse.

Don’t get too hang-up to the “lighthouse” terminology. That’s about exploring new ways to be seen. Experiment. This is where the fun begins. And what can go wrong anyway?? Will you show up as a social butterfly in groups? Will you become a YouTuber to follow? Real time connections on FB Live? A savvy handshaker at networking events? a podcaster in your pjs? If you can write words that taste like melted chocolate, well, you have to talk about them too! So, what’s the best venue, your natural virtuoso style to present yourself and your ideas to your people? Which medium makes you tingle with excitement–whether new or familiar? What was the biggest surprise you ever had from yourself? #lookthere


3. Create your Simple Show.

No fancy gear? No budget? No team? No problem! You can do that on your own without going to any exotic location, or having to build some extravagant set with stunts n’ all. You’re the full package, remember? Run your show lookin’ good and looking’ real. Think simple with a twist.


4. Not everyone is a born performer. (and it’s ok!)

Barnum’s stars were’t looking to get into show business (just like you and I didn’t!). Not at all! But this act of joining the circus, showed them their act, and brought them to life. You hear it again and again, from people that have already achieved great success: “I am an introvert”. “I get lost in live events”. “I have stage fear”. “I am sensitive”. “I don’t enjoy being in the public eye”. “I’m a very private person”. Some people get a kick from the idea of a Show. Others get to do it because their business asks for it. The common denominator here? Be seen WORKS. #interaction #energizer #motivator #reward


5. Everyone has an act.

What’s your act and how you activate people? This is what it boils down to. So, what’s the fastest, most effective way you can activate your audience? What’s the best venue, your natural virtuoso style to present yourself or your ideas to your people? You discover your best work by sharing it.  What will you do for them? What will you help or inspire them to do?? Can you summarize your act in 2-3 words? #lessismore


6. Take your business on a Playdate.

Just like you didn’t sign up for the greatest self-development journey of your life, you also didn’t sign up for putting up a show. But what if… this was more fun that you think? What if… putting up your show was not an act of courage (or chore), but an act of play? Permission to play, granted!! All yours. And for the sake of your business. Wouldn’t that be grand???


7. Come up with your signature anything.

From the mouth of Barnum: “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” Yup. It’s about bringing something new to the table. Your way. Your flavor. Your mark. You can stand on your two feet, but if you want to stand out, you gotta do something different… or say something different. Clearly and visibly different. So, what’s Your “Circus”? (We both know) you have it in you. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here… 


8. Define your image (aka, brand you).

As soon as someone meets you/sees you/hears about you, they open a “folder” in their memory bank, and they start saving their each and every of your impressions (from handshake and smiles, to blogposts, video tips, interviews and so on). I’ve been using this analogy for years 😉 Branding gives cues that make you recognizable. What does recognition do? It eliminates the need for re-introduction. It creates immediate familiarity. “I Know You”, is the fastest way to add new impressions to the right “folder”. Branding yourself will save you time and energy. You’ll be able to communicate your message at a glance. The stronger your brand’s cues, the more direct is your communication. You start right where you took off. You need to stand out to get the attention for the first time, and you need to be immediately recognizable every-other-next-time! So, what is about you that makes you recognizable, every-single-time?? How can you create your a mega-memory?


9. Always show on brand, yo!

Every “on brand” appearance, is like an invitation to your show (and feeding that folder…). Otherwise it’s like handing out blank tickets (or throwing crumbs out of the path…). So, how can you show up Monday or Sunday easily, unfiltered + on brand? How can you look REAL good?


10. Build for Evolution.

An evolving leader has an evolving brand. You can’t keep showing the same show to the same people. Your vision has to progress. Your story to unfold. Your show to innovate. Your branding as well, of course. Your update is inevitable, faster and cheaper than a complete redo from scratch. Build with evolution in mind. So, for your next round, you won’t have to replace everything…   Reached 10, already?? I could go on and on…

But the most important of them all?

Come Alive.

That’s the most important to EVERYTHING.

So, tell me in the comments: Which of these tips was most inspiring or valuable to you? AND How do You Come Alive? This is how I do it… (for my biz)