Are you Tapping Top Creativity?

When you do creative work, you need a regular Creativity Checkup. Making art after midnight? Composing music in Vienna? Writing a novel sitting on an Aeron chair? Building a business with webinars? How do you know if it’s any good?

Usually you have a fork shaped path:

  • To measure your achievements against others’. (the surface of what that looks like, of course, caus’ you never really know their full story, even if they drive your favorite car, shop in Anthropology for Everything, and have the perfect website, kids and dog with designer collar.)
  • To get other’s approval or validation (by the way they can’t stop but cheering you as they stand on the balcony edge, turning you into a viral sensation overnight, or buying your stuff.)

The problem with these options is that they both rely on… others.

Are you Tapping Top Creativity? When you do creative work, you need a regular Creativity Checkup. Get it on with these 5 questions.


As a creative, this is not always the healthiest way to look at things, and none of these will be ever-lasting and not even long-lasting.

There is nothing better than your inner knowing (and definition) regarding what is considered creating crème-de-la-crème, the kind so think and rich, that if you turn the freshly whipped bowl over your head, it won’t drip.

Here are 5 questions. Like a nutcracker for your creativity.


1. Are you surprised with the outcome?

Not only you are witnessing the manifestation of your divine and wishful plan, but something way better and unexpected. When you tap brilliantly into the creative flow, your vision, plan and desired outcome will evolve and change since you conceived them. You, along with your project will be transformed–together!

You can expect and mindfully create surprises multiple times during the creative process!

Is “self-surprise” a factor in your work? If it’s for you, it’s for others, too!


2. Do you feel it’s not you?

You are in complete awe with what came out of you, and then you can hardly believe it’s not you who created it. You may actually not believe at all, and see this as a “download”, something you “channeled” or “under a creative spell” (THIS is my fave!) No matter what you call it, the idea is that you witness the works of a source bigger than yourself.

And of course, with this comes the question whether you can create something on that level again. Well, yea! If you “didn’t do it”, how can you be sure you can “do it” again, right?

So, has it always been “You” or “Through You”?


3. Are you all-in-and-committed?

Even when you feel that what you are up to is beyond any sane reason, and even when the road is bumpy (or very bumpy), you don’t question your engagement, and never seriously consider to stop or give up.

You treat your projects like your children (because they ARE). And you know that drill: “All my Children” comes packed with the joys and pains of giving birth and raising them, through thick and thin.

Do you love it, unconditionally and no matter what??


4. Has the project taken an active life of its own?

Not only your creative baby has evolved, and you too, but a whole series of happenings, communications, outcomes, long drinks, belly dancing and other activities beyond your plate, plan or prediction are taking place. Yoo-hoo!

You thought you were creating something. Now “it” has a social life, and next thing a snapchat account (before you)?? YES.


5. Is “a Dream Come True” written all over it?

Not The American one, neither the Disney one. Regardless how exciting, desirable or best selling something is, this still has to happen: (read the next sentence in half speed)– When you lay your eyes or hands on it, and it’s clear to you that it encapsulates someone’s dream and highest vision, then it’s exactly so.
It’s impossible to miss this extraordinary factor–The divine presence of the artist’s sublime satisfaction.

Are you a Dream Maker? Can you tell what that feels like when looking at the work of others?


So, what are the results of your Creativity Checkup?

Which trait is the one that always makes you *know*, and gives you a yummy pleasure as it slides from your lips like caramel sauce??

Do tell in the comments below!

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