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Exhilarating Audits, Brainstorming & Breakthroughs.

You are inside your head, but you can’t see what’s in front of you, nor hear the whispers of your gut. Asking everyone in a FB group to pick the best logo or colors is already a proven-wrong strategy. Not to mention a same-ness mine. Surfing for inspiration for your core message? This habit will increase your confusion and grow your comparisonitis on steroids. As is getting busy with busyness and flooded with options. Or Not knowing where to put your focus, the one you pray so hard for. Taking for granted your biggest talents?

These are all veeeeery expensive habits.


“Let’s dive right in” – this is how I start each session.

You will get my (in-body):

Creative director. Brand specialist. Self-expression coach. Business reflector. Highly sharpened intuition. And direct honest style.

“Your facts” are reviewed in advance, before we meet, and I give you The Problem like you never heard it before. The big picture and the tiny details. And the steps to fix it. Clarity you want to hug me for.

My Eyes On You (with third eye activated to the max), are optimized to inspect and improve your:

Brand Concept. Imagery. Design. Messaging. Copy (oh my! I know good copy from bad, like a rotten tomato in pizza sauce.) Video presence (let me bring my connection-meter!) Engagement. Voice. Presence.

Or, we will look at your energy leaks and strengths. So that you can focus on following those that actually get you somewhere.

Then I will give you a simple list of action steps, so you can turn the weaknesses around. So you can stop wasting your time and energy on the wrong things. And make more money following your passion and feeling in your flow.

Who am I?

Got three decades of experience as a creative professional. Worked with top licensed brands in the publishing industry, as well as developing my own. Years of hustling the digital business arena, dipping my toes (or a full leg) into everything. 

My Eyes On You coupled with my honest say can help you SEE You, your business and brand for what you are, and what you can be.

My view is interdisciplinary and intuitive.
International, multicultural and multilingual.

Yup. My identity crisis has become my biggest asset. 

Our session can take many forms

Show me the big picture, and I will zoom right in.
Come up with a specific request you want my eyes on: Concept, visuals, ideas, a new product…

You name it.

Sometimes people come to me for one thing and we end up doing another. I’ll make sure you get what you want and what you need.

Monicka Clio Sakki is her own category.

Whip-smart. Articulate. Hilarious & commanding. Plus mega mega creative. You can’t help but be in her presence and come alive with a jolt of excitement from your own electric self-magic. She’ll call you on your shit – and bake you a frosty cake in the same day. I trust her with my life & my business. (You will too.)

Erika Lyremark | The Daily Whip


Monicka is a modern sage.

Don’t let her playful spirit fool you. At one glance, she’ll capture the essence of your true potential and the possibilities lying in front of you, and she’ll do that by seeing through your bullshit and the stories you’ve been telling yourself. I couldn’t have found the level of clarity I have now and the power to step into the next stage in my business without her x-ray vision, highly strategic questions, and direct and detailed feedback.

Cigdem Kobu | The Inky Path


A single session can turn into a package.


+ 75 mins call.
+ email follow up during the next 2 weeks.
+ my extended prep time.
+ a recording of our session.

How it Works

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Due to the custom nature of this offering, there are no refunds. 

Here’s what they say

Monicka helped me find clarity, to become more honest about what I have to share and to use Me as the brand.

All I can say is What the Heck!! Seriously, this woman is genius when it comes to pushing you through the barriers that you place on yourself and stop you from really reaching the people you want to reach! Thank you Monicka… thank you!

Deborah Foley Criss


She helped me to appreciate that I really needed to show up!

Monicka is a fist in a technicolour crushed-velvet glove!
As a result of working with her I did do something I’ve never done before and thought that I would probably never do! And it was a lot of fun.
I am still implementing her suggestions (and challenges!) and have noticed a difference in how I feel about my business.
I recommend her services — especially to anyone who wants to make a bold move but isn’t sure which direction to take.

Nikki Moore | State of Wild Grace

Her insights touched the core of my business to reveal where I could improve my message and design to create a more attractive and even enticing experience for my website visitors.

Monicka is creative, intuitive and sharp. Her passion to help is boundless and her talents and experience are extensive. She can WOW you for sure and leave you with an exciting list of action items to transform your brand.

Tania Elfersy  | The Wiser Woman

Upon starting our meeting she called out something in my business that was troubling me for a LONG time.

I can not recommend Monicka enough! Her instincts are super sharp, her honesty is something I was craving, she certainly does not dance around a topic, she goes straight to it! She helped me clarify what I can do to move forward, so actionable and insightful.

Lily Hattingh

Wow. You are a no-nonsense lady. Thank you for being so candid.

This is as strong of a message as I could imagine.
I find you brilliant and crazy intuitive and absolutely no f*** given kind of gal– and it’s scary but refreshing to get that kind of advice!

Rachel Meisels

She motivated me to take action I’ve been putting off for years.

Monicka gave me honest feedback in a way that was easy to hear. She helped me see how my site and other materials didn’t present all that I am and offer. She made me feel like she was on my side, and guided me to be bolder and braver, claim my wisdom and experience. She motivated me to take action I’ve been putting off for years.

Margaret Marcuson | Marcuson Leadership Circle

I walked away with several new ideas for other products and services that I can create from an existing product.

Sometimes we hit the creative brick wall. I came to Monicka when I needed a different perspective on my work, my brand… well, basically everything. Not only did she give me honest feedback, but I walked away with several new ideas for other products and services that I can create from an existing product. Brilliant! I feel like I am back in the game and filled with renewed motivation. I am already scribbling furiously away on my whiteboard.
Monicka made me lose sleep because I couldn’t shut my mind off… ha!

Kriss Lamsden | Astrologer