So, I started the 100 days of Do It With Color on IG, a collective challenge initiated by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson

At the beginning I wasn’t sure it was a good idea. My main concern was that it would take too much time, and that it would become a distraction to all the other stuff I am working on (Hello!! Self-Magic School!!!).
Of course I was also afraid I might not have enough ideas. That must have been a bigger threat than I wanted to admit.

SO, I tricked myself into it.

First, I gave myself the permission to join 11 days late. It was Passover, the kids were off school and I was over my ears. Then I made an agreement with myself, that I will pick a topic that can be interpreted in anyway I see, so there will be flexibility. And what happens, happens.

What really happened:

“Que Sera, Sera” may sound good, but you can’t start from LOST. Within three days, I created a template that serves as a basis for every post. It gives me a thought structure and also a visual structure. Since my images don’t plan to be homogenic (on purpose), I wanted to mark them with something that will immediately identify them as a series. I chose my favicon circle for that, and a way to do it on my phone, that will be fast and effortless. So that I can keep delivering. Within three days, I also created a content template with ideas, and a system to come up with more (VERB + with COLOR).
Already got about 30-ish and I see no problem getting to 100 (and even more…).
Yes, it takes some time, but after I will catch up on my delay, things will chill. And then the magic will unfold more.

Because after you do it long enough, this is what happens:

You reach a point of deep surrender and no expectations. Knowing “you got this”, opens new things. You no longer pretend as if you are “loosing control”, but you really do and you start producing things you couldn’t imagine before.
I’ve seen this with writing, with art making, with video making, with running, and even with baking. “Long Enough” has its power in anything creative.
Eventually you get there.

The struggle with time pressure, and the need to repeat your genius back to back, actually work to your favor. They get you off the “usual” ways you create, and lead you to what’s beneath your mastery and craft. You get to tap on talent under the surface. Then the surprises happen…

To admit it?? Just by writing that, I feel intimidated.
What, I have to show some other new talent now ? Hooooooow???

So, lets see what happens, o-kay?

Because this project is extra for me. I have no expectations than to “Do it with Color” once a day for 100 days. (And I am allowed a day off here are there if I need. Ha!)



I am not a “do it for the process” person. I don’t doodle anymore on napkins EVER. SO, even though I approach this with a light and colorful heart, I document EVERYTHING, tag, categorize, save high-res files, ALL my notes and ideas, in a very orderly fashion, and I keep an open eye to see how that develops and what pattern will emerge. I am witnessing this. This is my creative thread!!!

And… The creative thread takes you far by keeping you close.

So, leave me a comment with one way you can connect with YOUR creative thread TODAY! (and you know then what to do!!)

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