This IS ME is a BRAND NEW playshop,  with an against the grain take on how-to-personal brand, inspired by my upcoming book, with the same title (and design!)

Spark your mojo, marketing and mark in the world.

In this playshop you will:







AND . . . 
Have at least one new profile pic that pops with personality and matches your message, by the end of the challenge 📸🤩


Who is it for?  

It’s for online service based entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches, healers & artists. For womxn doing business as Themselves, and  

👉who’re ready to rise and get recognized
👉who (secretly) crave to be seen, but keep hiding
👉who want to uncover and fully express their authentic self and stand out brand
👉who need eye-catching pictures of themselves and would happily skip the fancy photoshoot
👉who desire to show up as confident online as they were offline in their corporate life
👉who work in a creative field, but feel they never get to be creative and playful anymore

Capturing your own image is a must-have skill for every entrepreneur doing business online


Is this YOU?

If so, pop your name + email and you’re in!

Starting with a LIVE initiation masterclass on Oct 6th

 at 7pm CEST, 1pm EDT, 10am PSD








Who’s the Self-Magic Mentor? 
Monicka Clio Sakki helps creative entrepreneurs burst out of their shell and come into their fully expressed, visible and spellbinding self AND brand. 

She insists that your most authentic identity is your most creative identity. And that the paradox of the BE YOU era, is that it begs the question: Who Are You??

Through her innovative Self-Magic System she has helped coaches, creatives & authors reveal their uniqueness, liberate their identity and unblock their visibility while creating a sustainable and evolving personal brand.

When you meet Monicka on zoom, you’ll find her surrounded by The Inspired Councila colorful line up of LEGO made Goddess. Each one has a name and domain, so make sure you ask me to show you Madame Desire & Miss Inspiration.  

Ready for MORE?

from previous challengers:

Found that new energy to become who I want to be

It was like experiencing an explosion inside your brain, because of how you see yourself. You suddenly become a colorful and playful artist. 

Gabriella Masa-Horvat

I discovered an image of myself I didn’t know

Audrey Gonon

I fell in love with myself

I was hiding behind writing and intellectual work, because being frozen in my body, also froze me up in my art…

The free challenge surprised me because for the first time I was falling in love with myself again during the shoots.

Paula del Rivero

I loved the challenge!  So confidence building and inspirational

Kate Ensor

Get comfortable with not just owning your brand, but BEING your brand

This was so much fun!
 I’d recommend it to anyone who is confident in their work, but less confident in themselves.

Meg Watson

This process helped me break out of my cozy little, introvert shell

I’ve been in my own story and haven’t allowed myself to have and accept the full range of my emotions. Monicka taught me how to think about my own creativity in ways I’d never considered, and to use it to create my business identity.

Cara Maclean

I was really tuning in how much fun this was and how much I enjoyed it

I loved the challenge and the way you presented it! It really took me out of my comfort zone and gave me much inspiration.
I really wanted to feel it in my body; the joy

Lieza Geuzinge

I’ve had huge wins… fantastic photos I used in my last launch. Which people responded to and they stopped the scroll. 

Cindy Childress

I love how it pushed me out of the box.
Yes, you get very cool imagery for your brand and profile, but make no mistake.  This is self-love, confidence building, clarity, purpose and goalsetting all in one magical,  Willy Wonka style, gobstopper. ❤

Joyce van der Lely

I found my true voice and stepped into the version of myself that is the fully expressed version of me! 

My world has expanded and I’m very excited about bringing all that I have learned into my life. I feel I have not only gone through a challenge but I have also experienced a divine awakening in relation to my vocation through my work!

Emily Whelan

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