coming in 2022 

SELF-MAGIC: The Art of This IS ME

One color at a time

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Enjoy to BE SEEN

The paradox of the BE YOURSELF era, is that it begs the question: Who Are You??

Being Yourself, should be the easiest, most accessible thing ever. 

Yet, it’s quite a challenge. 

Sticky society scripts have us stuck in identities we don’t feel most alive in. 

Conditioned minds are drawn to pre-approved trends, keeping us from expressing ourselves authentically.

The price of protection not only keeps us hiding from others, but also from ourselves.

Self-discovery is a requirement.

Unlearning, undoing and recreating are a necessity. 

Self-Magic: The art of “This Is Me,” is a creative journey filled with playfulness, fun and self-surprises. Follow the Color Quest Codes to awakening your vitality, curiosity and spontaneity. One color at a time. Liberate and reclaim your identity, and become the exclusive author of your story, style & success.

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