Back straight, heels touching, as I read my essay aloud.
The elementary teacher’s name or face are not remembered. The topic of the essay is well forgotten. My slight anxiety has not become a significant memory. But this. This has been coming back. It surfaced a few years ago when I started working with color not just for painting but for my own making.

She said (in Greek):

Color Your Voice. Color Your Voice.

What she meant is make you voice more interesting. Don’t bore us with monotony. Layer it with passion, with rich tones. Let the shape and meaning of the words dictate your vocal expression. She didn’t say all that but she meant way more than that.

p.s: WHEN YOU PIN THIS, you color your voice…


Today this advice, has become my mantra. Being around a community of entrepreneurs who all look to express their voice, be authentic, show like they are and stand out, this voice thing has become quite an issue, that goes beyond reading your essays with flair, or the sense of sound in general. It shows in your writing. It shows in your videos, in your selfies, in your art, in the products and programs you put out there, and even in your comments on FB. Oh that Voice! (with a very capital V). You don’t want just “your voice”. You want your colored voice, or expression, or appearance, or declaration, or… the way you will dance on a table!

Whatever you do, do it with COLOR!

THIS is what makes one stand out.

Your Voice is your core, delivered. What you let us hear and see.
And a lot stuff can happen upon delivery… you know. The messenger can hit traffic and the pizza arrives cold. The packaging can get ripped, wet, all fall on the floor (I lost a whole tray of cupcakes that way.)

and this is where Coloring comes handy.

Now let’s add some Color to the Voice.
When I say “The Art of Creating Yourself & What Is in You” I am not using the words “finding” yourself nor “discovering”, neither “connecting” (although they are all right…).

When I say CREATE, I see COLOR.

The act and art of Coloring is what is doing the Creating of it.

It is not there yet–it is in the making. It is up to you to create it. This is what “Color Your Voice” means. Put your wind, your fire and your magic between your words. Put in that extra ingredient, that juicy punch that makes everything so much more alive and unforgettable. Show your max of the moment.

No, it’s not just “be yourself”.

Color Your Voice, darling. Color Your Voice.

What does “Color Your Voice” mean to you?
How can YOU color YOUR voice?

Take a few minutes and explore that in your journal.  Share one idea in the comments!