You’re not for everyone. And not everyone is for you.

As a Self-Magic Woman you get to experience your magic, and share it with confidence to attract your perfect partners, ideal clients and inspired opportunities. 

Cause, what else??

As a Self-Magic Woman

You *must* create.

You feel happy when you create with your hands. It lightens you up, even if you don’t do it often. You may have a stash of unopened watercolor kits…  An invitation to create is for you an opportunity to re-create yourself, not a chore that kills your time. 

Your face is fine.

In fact, beautiful. No need to photoshop your imperfections, airbrush your eye-bags or sharpen your cheekbones. In life and in pictures.

You’re willing to be seen. 

Really seen. In all your colors.

You aren’t a fixed brand.

Your strategy is your evolution. You want to create a container that can contain you. In whatever way you may go.

You have high standards.

You’re picky and fluff doesn’t woo you. No cutting corners. No wishy washy results. No shallow connections or false friendships. High expectations of yourself and of others, pronto.

You want to leave your self-inspired mark.

You want to make sure you get to express yourself, create, and shape your world. Establish new traditions. Create memories you designed. Leave a legacy that is beyond monetary value. Now and in the long run. You’ll always look for ways to add your originality and your spin. 

A Self-Magic Woman would pin this!

You want to work on yourself.

On your inner game as much as on your outer show. Self-development is your constant side kick, and you’re willing to invest in it. Before crisis strikes.

You want to grow everything.

You want to grow your business and bank account but also to improve your relationships, health, creativity, parenting, homemaking, knowledge, fitness, giving… everything.

You’re educated.

You have higher education, even if it’s self-taught. You read a lot and are interested in multiple subjects. You have a strong interest in the environment.

You’re highly intuitive.

You hear these whispers, even if you don’t always act on them. You recognize them and learn to trust them. You can tell the real thing from the wannabe in seconds. You value guidance that comes from within.

You’re self-aware.

You can look at yourself in the eye and take responsibility for your actions.

You value self-exploration.

Authenticity? Yes! But what is yours?? You’re willing to find out.

You value enthusiasm.

It’s your meter: If it’s not there, something’s not working!

You thrive in an intimate setting.

You get lost in huge groups. You want to know personally everyone you serve and work with. 

You are fascinated by symbols.

Ideas, stories, myths and patterns that apply to every culture, religion, place and even time. Yasssssss!!!

You want to make money with your magic.

You want to follow your creative thread. To crack the code, do the necessary adjustments and make money from your passions, talents and vision for a better world. 

You value beauty, style, good taste and being real.

Your beauty style is easy going and eclectic. You don’t cringe over a wisdom wrinkle. You appreciate well designed experiences, and want to offer the same. 

You’re ready to Play.

You know play is not just for kids. Also not just for adults in the bedroom. It’s for everyday, everywhere. This invitation makes you come alive. So, playdate anyone? This is how you discover your best self. 

You don’t take yourself too seriously. 

You got and get humor. Always happy to laugh at yourself–whether a neuroscientist or a movement maker. You don’t play it “guru”. You see and talk to people at eye level. 

You want your pictures to represent your universe.

One day swan, the other ugly duckling? Ouch! You want to be recognized as you, always. You believe that you can show up in your full power and personality, without extensive hair and make up, (hell-o-extra hairspray) or a staple-status exotic location in the background. 

You’re a leader at heart.

You may or may not see/call yourself a leader. But you’d rather be a co-creator than a follower. 

You love Brene Brown

Cause… well, if you do you now what i mean!

You wish to be braver.

You long to shake things up and break some rules…..but often feel confined in your every-day-story and responsibility. You need a tailored kind of risk taking. And a skinny dip…

You wish to go bigger.

In your looks and your ideas. You have a side that longs for more extravagance than the casual chic. Given the occasion, you’ll bring on the show!

You wish to stop pretending.

That everything is ok. And perfect. All of the time. 

You know what matters.

You lived through it all. Plenty of us and downs. Anxiety, depression, unexpected challenges, stuck, suppressed, wrong relationships, health issues, family drama… you name it.

You’re ready to cut yourself some slack and prioritize your happiness. 

You wish to find your favorite people.

You want to experience real connections while you’re being your magical self. Why settle for anything else??

You define Yourself. 

You don’t have to be defined by sex.


Is that the full list? Hmm…. Probably not. But you get the picture. 

So, are you a Self-Magic Woman?

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