All grown up (and playing someone else’s role?)
Get ready to play Yourself.

It was 2019. The world was suffering from noisy overwhelm, texting at dinner tables, neglected vision boards and an insatiable craving for the freedom to “be yourself.”


The problem was that not everyone knew who they were…

SHE. definitely didn’t know.

Although she was the does-it-all Queen, she incorrigibly didn’t ‘do’ herselfStuck in an identity (she spent a life getting there,) she was tickled for more.  

More meaning.
More connection.
More fun!

She was ready to give up the vision that three-generations-back had for her, once n’ for all!

To be her own maestro in a magenta tux. To create her own change, without feeling she had to change.

She wanted to live in a body that felt alive, and she also wanted to leave a body of work behind. Something of her own. To make her mark and count her whole lotta cash.

Entrepreneurial lifestyle was in vogue. While hugging lattes behind her laptop, she brilliantly weaved world-changing dreams within her up-and-coming digital empire.

A hidden leader under her silky robe, still afraid to get noticed. She longed for the call that would bring to life her true voice, purpose and self. 

Days, she crafted content and client sessions. Nights she conquered timezone gaps, virtual masterminds and kept hiding while fighting to be seen.

But it would take a hint of magic to help her step into the new slippers of a new identity. And to move from behind the screen to center page.

It was Monicka Clio Sakki, visual virtuoso, that showed up to turn her fortune.  

A creative director and married mama of two. Fresh from Tel Aviv with roots in Acropolis and professional past in the Big Apple. Trilingual with no mother tongue. Tattooless but colorful. Uninhibited by midlife manuscripts. Two big, blue, round eyes in league with Miss Piggy. Owner of an overcrowded desk of self-made LEGO Goddesses.
Her old jobs? Illustrating best-sellers. Rocking style guides. Designing cover-to-cover products for the greats (Disney, Mattel, WarnerBrothers and Nickelodeon.) Creating and publishing the renown Sakki-Sakki Tarot–for the Artist in Each of Us. It came with a written-in-the-stars companion book, Playing with Symbols, and a color punch.

Monicka had been where SHE was. Between the old ways, and the new challenges. At the place where…


…she didn’t see herself as a leader. Not before everyone else told her so.

… she doubted her ideas because they weren’t fitting any template. ouch!

… she’d realized she needed to connect with herself if she wanted to connect with her people.

…and she needed new pictures (without her kids climbing on her) and tons more to feed her hungry IG feed.

Monicka stood in front of her camera, and took a shot that changed everything.  

It sparked a lightbulb and a new mantra: “No lens will love you more than your own.”
A hallelujah moment. She kept at it, and many layers of lipstick  later… Voila! 

Self-Magic Woman™ was born.

It was the ultimate cure for visibility yo-yo. The solution to hide-out-but-wanna-stand-out syndrome.  

It took shape as a course for self-portraits. In no time it grew into three trainings, twelve modules strong. A visual engine, composing imagery with creative routines. Building never-ending banks of content and confidence. Inspiration and insights. A timeless, color driven framework with book on the way. 

This was Monicka’s slide to her own creative freedom (and kingdom.)
Ladies lined up to join the experience. They wanted more of that, for themselves.


SHE. started to See.

Her camera clicked non-stop, producing never-before-seen portraits. She kept shooting herself only to come back alive more than ever. Her photo library overflowed with creative adventures, exclamation marks, fireballs of energy and proof of her uncompromising personality.   

 The heroine’s journey, with a thousand selfies… 

 For the first time in a long time, she felt creative and lit up with electricity that would outshine Vegas. She saw herself (and her work) with a new set of eyes and D&G pink glasses.

 She replaced self-protection with Self-Magic!
…One picture
…One surprise
…One color at a time. 


SHE. started to Show. 

Her presence blinged like a 27karat diamond. Her work got legs and cheers. She was showered with self-love and forgotten kind o’ fun. She faced to be vulnerable and re-named her cats “Camera” & “Confidence.” 

She reflected on her creative identity (instead of her identity crisis.)
She dared to be jaw-dropping different, and made a disco ball of difference.
Her inspiration converted into impact. Her jitters into joy. 

And she finally answered the call to make her mark mighty (and highlight it in yellow neon, too.)


All by being more of herself. 

You in?


Where to start? Make a self-impression.

Click below to check out this free mini training! yoohoo!

ALL images in this site are self-magic-made.

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