ART is your mother tongue.

What does yours say about your personality,
your leadership style, and your brand?

Raised in the thick of Greek (divorce) drama, I spent many years between three continents, three languages, and three cultures – Hellenic, Israeli, American. Think single giant suitcases with all my belongings, including a turquoise Chinese umbrella, pink My Melody stationery,  but no shared custody. Always solo, the kid who sat next to the TWA flight attendant.

None of my countries felt perfectly home. 

None of my languages felt 100% natural on my lips (keyboard or writing pad…) 

But there was one more. A universal one. 

Speaking my art, brought me to illustrate best-sellers. Rock style guides @Golden Books in NYC. Design cover-to-cover products for Disney, Mattel, Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon. Create, self-publish and sell out the renown Sakki-Sakki Tarot–for the Artist in Each of Us. 

My fingers have been permanently stained with markers since I was old enough to hold a pen and first started scribbling inside record covers… later I cartooned my husband in a series wearing a tux, even though I didn’t meet him until 20 yrs later.

Wanna know my biggest take from my career as an artist?
Images talk back.
And everything you create is a self-portrait. Telling you about yourself.


The paradox of the BE YOURSELF era, is that it begs the question:
Who Are You?? 

But we are all multi-a-lot-of-things. Which is why, 

distilling yourself to a brand leads to an identity crisis. 

So, who are you, on this foreign ground of entrepreneurship?
My work helps you figure that out. 

We start a dialogue between you and the mirror, you and the camera. While pushing your creative limits. It speeds up with a conversation where you interpret your work. What it says about you and your online persona and brand. What it tells about you as a professional? About your message? What they could be if you dare push a little further. AND helps you create work and brand assets you can use in all sorts of practical ways that will benefit your business for years to come.

Self-discovery is a requirement.

Your true identity, won’t be found on Pinterest. Your world-changing-manifesto, won’t be crafted using a template. Who you are, won’t be determined with a brand quiz. Your true-north, won’t be found in someone else’s blueprint to success.

You’ll find it where you least expect it: 

Your most authentic identity is your most creative identity. 

And the one that will set you apart.


p.s: did I mention this is so much fun???
p.p.s: with the “who are you?” question, you got 2 options: Pull out the answer, or create a new one.

This is for you IF:

👉You’re  interested in what you have to say to yourself.

👉You’re drawn to a completely new branding/self-discovery  experience that goes way beyond who is your ideal client… and so on.

👉You don’t enjoy being in front of the camera. You may say things like:
“I hate having my photo taken.” “I look so awkward in pictures.” “The minute the camera is pointed my way, I freeze.” Familiar?

👉You refuse to do the glamour shoot. You want to kiss bye-bye the following: 

A high pressure, lots of expectation day. Posing in front of a stranger. Planning for a photoshoot for weeks, if not months, in advance. Having to make critical decisions and negotiations about budget, number of hours, images, locations & outfits per shoot. Getting dolled up with “ wedding day” hair & make up.

👉You’d love a pro photoshoot, but it’s too expensive. Especially when one or two won’t give you enough images to post on social media all. year. long.

👉You invested in professional photos and didn’t like the results. Ouuch!

👉Your brand is still forming and evolving. You’ve no idea what to ask for from a photographer.

👉You want creative control over your image.

👉You’re transitioning or rebranding and want to explore and figure out who to be and what to do.

👉You want your “authentic self” to be bolder than showing up online in your yoga pants, and more than a single statement headshot. 

👉You’re a perfectionist with your image. So you have a very hard time showing up consistently (or really enjoying yourself.)

👉You feel stuck. You don’t have pictures to post, so you don’t post.

👉You work in a creative field, but feel you never get to be creative anymore. 

👉Or, you don’t see yourself as the “creative type ” (you’re wrong!) and want to do something daring.

👉You would like to step out of the comparison game and do your thang.

👉You want to loosen up, have some fun, and put yourself First. Hello mama!

👉You want to have a never ending bank of visuals to be used for years to come.

👉You respond to color and are intrigued by a color quest.


Where to Start?

ALL images in this site are self-magic-made.