Hey, I’m Monicka, a Creative Director & Brand Expert, Self-Expression Coach and creator of the Self-Magic process: “The Art of Seeing + Showing who You Are. 

My ideal world: Every Woman

sees herself as a Creative Woman: deep + surprising as a Mary Poppins purse.
Brings all her talents to the table, combined into her signature work.
Goes after what she wants with appetite, excitement and intuition.
Feels strong in her progress, at any speed.
Creates works that will stay on longer than she will.
Stands by her art, not behind it. In sandals, sneakers or stilettos.
Activates her silly, sexy or shadow, in less than a tweet’s time.
Shares her laughs, tears and… contacts, with no fear.
Knows her uniqueness and feels most creative when she creates herself.

My Creative Story


cribbling on record covers, since I was old enough to hold a pen, followed by years of permanently marker-stained fingers. In 5th grade, I read my first essay in front of the class, and I got the best advice: “Color your voice”. Comic cartoons were filling my notebooks. I loved sketching this one character with a big nose and small glasses in a tuxedo, that looked just like my husband. I only met him twenty years later. Without the tux. I got dirty and colorful with silkscreen printing, and that was it: I abandoned my dream of becoming an architect. While traveling solo in South East Asia I drew a jumbo size journal in balconies around Ubud and Chiang Mai. My college graduation project was a toys-inside-a-toy chess set, two packs of playing cards with family portraits and toys in them and a street games kit.


chose gouache for my first childrens book featuring my favorite tale of all times, Clever Grethel by Grimm. The heroine had quite a nerve, or maybe it was her wine? The illustration of four more children’s books followed, one of them becoming a mega hit for the author who wrote it. I designed dozens of more books–most of them Disney, Barbie and Scooby-Doo coloring books–while working in Golden Books, the leading children’s book publisher in the U.S. I fell in love with the concept of style guides and created my own. The result? The Sakki-Sakki Tarot for the Artist in Each of Us, which coupled as my Masters thesis. Three years of creative immersion and my savings. Changed my life.


he companion book, Playing with Symbols, was co-writen with a wordsmith I met at a market while selling my art, without having any vision of myself as a writer. More friendships and stories keep filling up volumes. The coloring book to match the deck, came twelve years later, because I felt so naked producing something without color. The publication of  A Happy Passover Haggadah was a promise to myself since I was 9 years old. It came to life together with my son. I needed a clip to market this, so I got my feet wet with videos and audios. Ok. I have an accent. Wow, I have a voice. Who knew? My first vid on Youtube? How to dispose a cockroach without touching it and without seeing it. Don’t believe me? Google it. Later…


y self-portraits practice started completely by accident (yea, right…), because I needed a picture for my website. I went from a camera-shy gal to jumping out of a cake! Well… kind of. That was at least the inspiration behind my pink photoshoot. This process rocked my world. A whole new medium and creative power took me by surprise. Later on I gathered all my lessons (the ones I had to share and some I thought I will never ever will.) At the same time, a magical sequence of 6+1 colors emerged, and demanded my attention. Together, these became the foundations of all my Self-Magic programs. The evolution of my creative thread… Of course toys always have a part. I still use them and play with my kids too, while convincing us all, that this is our “quality time” together. They inspired me to take the “playdate” concept, beyond play-meetings with other kids. Now, my favorite brand strategy, is to take my business on a Playdate. Wanna come with?

Say Hello. I’m right here..


The conclusion of all this?

What I love and need the most, is to be reminded that I am creative. You too??? 

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