Inner Creativity Code?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always feel in a “creative mood”, even though everybody sees me as Creative, myself included.

Sometimes we need a reminder about our inner creativity. A nudge. Yes, a nudge works as good as a good kick. At least it should…

So I am starting with a new series on some basics, and I confess that I compleeetely underestimated how much fun I had putting together these “basics”, and what a superlicious reminder they are.

Are you still not feeling creative? Here are 5 Reasons to Awaken Your Inner Creativity Code!

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p.s: “Inner Creativity Code” this is not “for the process” kind of creativity. It’s not evident. You don’t just reach to your back pocket and bring it out. We are talking birth here. Blood level engagement.

1. Fulfillment

Expressing your creativity code in your voice, brings escalated fulfillment.

Not only that but also a sense of achievement and the a true experience of success on your terms and by your definition. There is nothing better than you wanting to Thank Yourself for your choices, or not being able to imagine your life without that specific course of events that followed.

2. Direction

Creating what is in you will give you clues of your best direction ahead.

Some will call that connecting the dots to the highest path. Some your North Star. Others your deepest desire that you don’t even know about. Tracks for your destiny? You get the picture, no matter what you name it. The best part? Not only you will get your custom map, but also the freedom and courage to follow through. #priceless

3. Originality

Your inner creativity code, will spare you from imitating what is in others.

Aka, It’s a better road to take than copying someone else. You’ll get to experience greater independence, freedom and strength, and even more creativity too! It’s easier to follow your own muse than pretend that somebody else’s fits you like a glove. This is true even if you Steal like a Artist!

4. Legacy

Fully expressing yourself with all that is in you makes your double legacy.

Your legacy is what will stay on without you, but also how you will inspire others to create what is in them. It’s quite contagious and in fact the best use of the pyramid model. It starts from affecting one person, whether you intended it or not, and ends with what some refer to as “Changing the World”.

This idea is not only for the sake of looking ahead, but to make you look back. To look back and acknowledge all that you have done, and to see that it matters.
The other day I looked back and I counted 7 publications with my name on them. I was planning around 20 in this lifetime, but now that I see that I already have 7, I will increase the number!! How is that for inspiration?

5. Expense

There is a very high price tag in not expressing what is in you.

The cost of “what if” is paid in the multiple currencies of resentment, frustration, anger, disappointment, depression, isolation and lots of other stuff found in Pandora’s box.

Now, to be honest, this last one, does not really count. Why? Because I don’t believe it can be your big busty motivator. It is based on the “missing out” syndrome, and frankly, there are better ones to get you going. Expressing your creativity, in whatever scale, is something that needs cultivation, but also something you can’t not do. So, this is the real fuel. That you must. That your body knows you have to. That you miiiiiss it when you don’t exercise it. That to dive in or not, is not really an option. Ahem. That you have to Die Empty.

That said, never ever take that inclination of yours for granted… and don’t underestimate a good reminder 😉

If you are reading this, I KNOW we are on the same page.


Which of these 5 reasons is the biggest for you??? How does that motivate you??
Let me know in the comments!

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