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Helloooo there,

I’m Monicka, Image & Brand strategist.

I help women create real outer and inner transformation in their personality-powered business. I show them how to take charge of their image and bring more enthusiasm, play (and profit) into their business. 

My primary focus is to help my clients connect with themselves so they can connect with their people. I guide them to access (and start showing) their most blazing, creative and captivating identities…one color at a time. 

The result? A massive inner shift. The more they show themselves, the lighter they feel. They’re able to get out of their own way and start the party with creativity, confidence & authority.   

I’ve helped my clients go from behind-the-screens to center-stage through my unique framework, Self-Magic Branding. Think image and content creation, self-portraiture and color coaching (yes, it’s my thing!) One of my fave parts is facilitating a supportive community where they feel seen and inspired to share more of their talents and contagious dancing moves.  

I’m known for my wildly caring, lovingly demanding and “Let’s Play” approach. (I won’t tell you to “face the fear,” I promise!) But I will show you how to take simple, playful steps that lead to big breakthroughs. More about me HERE.

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