ART is your mother tongue. 


What does yours say about your personality,

your leadership style, and your brand? 
















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Your most authentic identity is your most creative identity.

Helloooo there,

I’m Monicka, Image & Brand strategist. 

I work with people that are on to something. 

Those that want to release new ideas, write that book, share their story, create a new one, turn tables, originate a framework, fashion a style, provoke a thought, make new traditions, shift direction, instill a habit, reinvent themselves. 

Those people are their own leaders. 

But very often most of their strengths remain invisible.

To themselves and to others.


I show them how to take charge of their image and turn their hidden-leader identity, into… a disco ball. 

My clients move from behind-the-screens to center-stage through my unique framework, Self-Magic Branding.
I help them upgrade their personality-powered business and bring more enthusiasm, play (and profit.)

The initial focus is to help them connect with themselves so they can connect with their people. I guide them to express their most captivating identities…one color at a time. 

More about me HERE. 

Be MORE of Yourself & CAPTURE THAT

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