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SHAKE UP + SHOW OFF: 6+1 Keys to Crack Your Personal Brand

Branding is a LOT of things. Definitely not only logo, colors, graphic style and so on… 

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What is Self-Magic?? 

Self-Magic is this the most superb evidence of yourself. That thing that doesn’t happen often, but when it does, everyone goes WOWZA. Including you.  When your Self-Magic is on display, you are the most brilliant and the happiest. You and your business are one irresistible magnet.  Magic or not??

Sometimes you know exactly what to look for to experience. Other times it’s about remembering. Or, my fave: when you get a huge surprise from yourself full of things you had no idea you had in you. Betcha you know moments like these. #ThisIsIt

To experience your Self-Magic on demand, I developed a color-centered process where different aspects of yourself are activated and revealed, one-color-at-a-time. This multi-medium practice brings out fueled emotions, ideas, looks, stories, desires, talents and your overall multicolored magic to be seen. It’s 100% Your Show!!

This is so You!

Secret Weapon: Self-Expression
Active Ingredient: Creativity
Strategy: Charisma
Courageous Act: Play
Code of Honor: Authenticity
North Star: Connection
Message: Crystal Clear
Mission: Sparked
Expert Status: Proven
Mood: Elevated (& Contagious)
Results: Transformational
Side Effects: Liberation
Offerings: Sealed+Sold Out
Impact: Magnified

Hey, I’m Monicka.

All this started because I needed some new pics for my website. The Self-Magic process kind of happened on me then the colors came in, and the rest is history.

I work with amazing, crazy-talented women, who are totally tired of being unexpressed, overlooked and undervalued and oh-so-ready to create change through their business and in their lives. During the Self-Magic process they come alive. They awaken their creativity and reveal their unmistakable brand that grows with them. They get to be seen and build massive confidence to communicate their message, attract their people and make it happen their way. 

My mini-resume: Award-winning Artist. Creative Director. Brand Expert. Publisher. Creator of The Sakki-Sakki Tarot for the Artist in Each of Us, and co-author of its companion book Playing with Symbols. Trilingual with no mother tongue. INFJ. Magenta devotee.

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