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Self-Magic Co-Creation Experience
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Self-Magic Color Immersions

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Yoohooooo!!!! It’s here!!!! and registration is now open!

My dear friend Cigdem Kobu, founder of The Inky Path is a regular facilitator of Deep Writing Intensives. These experiences have been the #1 transformation trigger cause to my relationship with writing, not to mention money for value.
She made me follow her with her words, and moved me to write in a way I never did before. Not for business, that’s for sure! And that’s the beauty and the power of this.

I was free. I wrote things while feeling free, and by writing them… well, then I became REALLY FREE…

I still don’t call myself a writer, but I no longer deny or fight with the writer in me.
This time I’m joining both as a participant (will be writing with you!!!!) as well as an instructor. #PinchMe
We are joining juices and forces to create something colorful and deeply moving.
Come along! I am waiting for you!!!

REGISTER at the Inky Path page HERE!



self-study / instant Access

“Holy moly, it has been transformation central for me.”

Monicka has the incredible ability to sweetly care for, nudge and cajole you into relaxing into yourself and bringing out your YOU-est you. I can’t believe the depth and profundity of this process that she has developed… I think this work has been the most important work I have done for my business.

Susan Fauman | Food Sleep & Sex

“You are SO fun — that made it so much easier to Play and share.”

You are amazing… Wonderful energy, so very funny and engaging, encouraging without ever losing sincerity… I could go on…

Dr. Karen Shue | Brain and Living

“I’ve never seen anything like it!”

It’s SO SELF EMPOWERING! I really loved the concept and loved the self love involved in the concept… The freedom of showing myself who I am.

Anaa Mansouri | Your Heart Compass Guide

“This program gave me SO much confidence!”

Monicka’s attitude is playful, creative, challenging and fun! I knew that no matter what, I would get a positive lift when I engaged in the course work and materials. She was great to work with: always pushing me to the next level.

Elaine Bayless | Empowerment Coach

There’s more…

If you want to create your own Tarot or Oracle deck (legacy worthy, not slam-bam style), then start here.

To buy the most colorful Sakki-Sakki Tarot deck, Playing with Symbols Book or Coloring Book (this is also “work your color with me!”), click here.


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