Take pictures of yourself you actually love!

I’ll teach you a self-portrait practice that will put YOU in the center, make you feel great about yourself and build massive confidence, while having fun!

PLUS, you’ll get captivating pictures for your website and social media, clicks, likes and followers that fall for you!

If you want to do ANYTHING online,
from business to dating,
you need some decent pictures of yourself, to really show you.
Preferably, the kind not taken at the last family gathering…


You hate having your pictures taken.
Being in front of the camera wipes away all of your casual charm…
Not to mention it’s hard to predict a good hair day…
OR… what your brand is about.


Let me get you into my secrets… (sh…)

HOW ABOUT a practice that gives you the shots you need (and enough to choose from…), when you need them, as often as you need them, while saving your budget for other things?

HOW ABOUT if that same practice, coupled as a confidence building strategy, a self-love generator, and your very own self-expression playground to discover how you can best show up, serve and shine?

All sounds a bit of impossible-mambo-jumbo??

Fear NOT!

You see, after desperately needing new pics for my new website, that were not taken at a dinner table… there is one thing I discovered that amazed me:


In this one-of-a-kind, self-study PLAYSHOP I’ll show you my ground-breaking process and give you ALL YOU NEED to be able to create self-portraits for your website by yourself. For REAL.


Can't watch the video? Read it!

10 Reasons for Creating Self-Portraits of your Business (transcribed!)


Just do it. At your own time, by yourself, at your own pace, from wherever you are.


You get to approve them. You keep doing them, taking them, till you are happy!


It’s cost effective. You don’t need to hire a photographer, you don’t ned to pay subscription, royalty free, take as many as you want!


No need to limit yourself to one setting or one good hair day.


Create your own marketing materials, with your face. It’s so easy to re-brand yourself every time you have a new idea, or you are growing.


You can actually create a bank, a stock of your own images, so then, when something will come up, and you need an image, you just have them, ready! Pick and plug and go!


Ouooo, this one is big!
You will actually have a consistency in your look, between your pictures and your videos. Some times I see these amazing pictures of women with their hair back, and all makeup, all pretty and all done, but then when they are doing their own videos, the levels, the difference is too big.. Sometimes I am not even sure if it’s the same person!


This is your opportunity, since you are not limited to one set! They different things! Different air, different clothes, different styles, different lighting, different themes. See what calls you. See what looks good on you. See what describes better what you do. And most importantly, what you WANT to do!


Aaaah! Further explore and discover yourself. By doing this practice you’ll be getting in the inside of you. You can actually develop your brand. Let’s say you have a photographer come for an amazing photoshoot: sometimes maybe you wouldn’t even know what to ask for! So this is your opportunity to discover what you are made of and how you want to show.


Oh, that’s my favorite one! Quality time with your self! Yea..yea..yea… when was the last time that happened???

It’ much better than reading a book, having a massage or a pedicure… it’s some really fun fun times, it’;s like having drinks with yourself! It’s just…ah! I need to go.. I need to go.. To just be with my Self!

In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen —really seen. —Brené Brown

“A super confidence booster!”

Monicka’s attitude is playful, creative, challenging and fun! I don’t need to hire a photographer to get a cute profile pic. I really can’t believe the results. I had actually given up on taking cute pictures of myself any more… This was fun, informative, and empowering… I haven’t felt so pretty in a few years!

Elaine Bayless | Empowerment Coach

“Holy moly, it has been transformation central for me.”

I love the shape my site is taking and my photos and videos are more and more beautiful and confident each time. I think this work has been the most important work I have done for my business.

Susan Fauman | Designer + Creator, 5 Essence Jewelry

“I’ve never seen anything like it!”

It’s SO SELF EMPOWERING! I really loved the concept and loved the self love involved in the concept… The freedom of showing myself who I am.

Anaa Mansouri | Your Heart Compass Guide

Ready to steal my secrets?


The Self-Guided Self-Magic Portraits Playshop has three parts, and Includes:


+ 5 Set Up Videos

How to start, How to create a good image, My technique, How to add a splash of your creativity and how to work your looks!

+ Set Up Samples

My very own Set-Up so you will not have to “imagine” my down-and-elegant solutions, but actually see them!


+ 5 Play Tips Videos

Practical, inspirational and super motivational Play Tips so you will know exactly what to do when you get in front of the camera!

+ Play Possibilities

A smarty-pants cheat-sheet so you will never run out of ideas!


+ Over 5 Tech-Tutorial Videos

Showing you step-by-step the process of choosing and  getting your fabulous images ready to show.

My behind the scenes and how I created selected images (post shooting).

In depth Green Screen depth tutorial.

” The organization of the materials is beautiful and flawless.”
You have created something so special here, Monicka.
Your idea for this is brilliant. Your enthusiasm and playful style made it feel so non-threatening and not HEAVY at all. All combined to make a compelling, useful & totally fun experience. KUDOS!!!!

Suzanne Wigginton

“Seriously, your course really was a breakthrough for me!”

It was beyond fun and very empowering. I did NOT like pictures taken of me. I just could not relax in front of a camera unless I was clowning around. Not now! I really love the way your simple playful steps lead to big breakthroughs

Teri Connolly

“You encourage fun, creativity and REAL RESULTS.”

Your presentation is easy to enter into, easy to enjoy, easy to feel totally at ease with.

Susan Tenney

Q & A

What equipment will I need?

At the beginning you’ll need a camera that comes with a smart phone or preferably tablet. I use a mini-pad! Later you can use a regular camera too.
In anycase, this is a practice that asks you to bring your creativity to the table!

How long will it take me to do this?

You can go over all the materials in one sitting if you wish, so that you can get a rough idea. Everything is broken down to small bites for good digestion and accessibility! I recommend to go through all Before & During first, and then to come back to review certain pieces, as you need them, and to refresh your inspiration.

The actual making of your Self-Magic Portraits, can vary. I usually dedicate 3-4 hours, split into two or even three separate days, and that includes set up, the actual taking of pictures and choosing and editing.

Do I need to be artistically creative to do this?

Oh, how much I love this question!!!
This practice IS a creative practice and will stretch this side of you. No matter how hands on you are with your creativity, you will get to see how everyone is creative.
There will be a learning curve, and you will see how your vision, attention to details, and thinking ahead, get better with each time. That said, a couple of my best pics were from my first time (and so are all the pics showed on this page). You will be able to get results right away, and you can always take it to a higher level–no matter where you start from.

Refund Policy

This program is all delivered at once (immediate access!!!), and therefore is non-refundable.
Please go through all the info and testimonials before you make your purchase, so that you can be as excited as I am about this! 😉

How long do I have access for?

You will have full access to the program for as long as it will be available, and no less than one year.  Your access will include any updates and tutorials that will be added to it. Yoo-hoo!!!

Will I be playing with apps and image manipulating software?

This course is divided into three sections: before, during and after a photoshoot. I will show you how to get a good image of you, and how to improve it so that you can use it. There are plenty of tips and tricks to treat your pics “after”, but personally, I am not crazy about image over-manipulation. This is a course on personal creativity and not a professional photography course. The “play” part puts YOU in the center 🙂

See the below ladies? These are pics from their FIRST time! Yoohoo!

“I can’t even tell how much this impacted me.”
 I HAVE been hiding and it was fun to play with no expectations and then be pleasantly surprised. Thank you thank you thank you.

Liz Applegate

“I challenge you not to fall in love with her Ursulaaa impression!”

Monicka has a skill for helping you to loosen up and be more self expressed, while at the same time also offering practical tips and intuitive suggestions.

Jaci Legge-Elliott

“Finally the updated me is out there!”

I felt that I was expressing myself in a new way. It felt creative, authentic and bold.

Tania Elfersy

Unless you stop hiding,
you are also hiding from yourself.

“I can do this!”

I would never have taken photos of myself… I was expecting to mostly hide and watch and get some inspiration… Now I have pictures. Yay!

Lene Piasecki

“I was hugely inspired…”

and I realised, that I am artistic and creative. Even though I have been working as a writer this is a different creative art form… Now I don’t want to stop…

Miriam Thiel

“Monicka, you make me do strange things.”

I love how Monicka motivates people to come out. She is wildly caring plus lovingly demanding – a beautiful combination!

The program digs much deeper than what one might think at first. It is not just funny or pretty pictures to stick up on a website. Requires a lot of self reflection and brings insights that I would not have expected.

Susan Graul

The opposite of hiding is Creating Yourself, through pictures.

“For the first time in a long time I felt creative.”

It stretched and transformed me. I knew deep down inside that I had been playing small as far as visibility in my business. I was hiding behind my laptop, my work and my busyness. I loved the freedom of your content… the perfect prompts at the perfect time for me.

Rachel Moriarty 

“You created a way of prayer to the Goddess inside of each of us.”

Wow, Monicka’s Self-Magic is so magical because she inspired us to create time for exploring who we can be, mirroring in fact who we really are… or who we are meant to be outside our long grown and established comfort zone. This is so much bigger than the fun I expected this to be.


“I’m ready to be more free, more me, now.”

This is really good practice for me as I am one of those who has really tried to micro-manage my appearance online.


You don’t need a $5,000 photoshoot to get your website and social media pictures done!

Get full access to Self-Magic Portraits for a super-affordable, fantasticlicious price!

LIMITED TIME BONUS: a personalized email review from me of your first set of images via email! Yoo-hoo!!! 

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