I am sure you have heard of her new book BIG MAGIC.  But before I tell you about her Big Mistake, allow me a little honest sharing. Only two weeks after I had finally settled happily (very happily actually) with the name Self-Magic I got the news that THE Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a book called BIG MAGIC, it is about creativity and will be released on Sep 22nd. That was it. I felt a fake. An imitator. Because she must have come up with that name first (as if the word Magic has never been used before). Then, I felt that I have been robbed of my dreams. Why? Because this was the book that I was supposed to write (although I am not a writer). And then, when a close friend of mine texted me “Hello Lady Self-Magic!  I just came across Elizabeth Gilbert’s upcoming book #BIGMAGIC and I actually got confused and thought you did the cover art!”.

Well, by that time I laughed.

And then the 22nd of September came. I got it on my kindle on that same day (have you??). I started reading with careful anticipation. I knew it would be Good. I must have read for about an hour and then I knew: This book is indeed titled accurately. BIG MAGIC. It is a damn Big Magic about Big Magic! I also knew that although it is closely related to my Self-Magic and also to my own book on Colors of Creativity (the non-writer in me who who writes…), it is by NO means my book. She even managed to explain all that “Magic in the air” beautifully, while sharing her story about how she and a writer friend had been working on the same thing. A lot of lessons in there. Some were inspiration in the form of confirmation, and some fresh and needed. So far, Really Good.

And then I got to that (from her book):

“If you already have the courage to bring forth the jewels that are hidden within you, terrific. You’re probably already doing really interesting things with your life, and you don’t need this book. Rock on.”


“We don’t need this book”?????? Seriously, Liz?????

So let me tell you:

I see myself and many of my friends (including you who is reading this) as those who have a lot of courage to bring forth our “jewels”. We definitely live a creative life, on many fronts. And this is exactly WHY we need this book. To be reminded of that. To get more support to be more courageous on the days we are not. And from what I see around me? Who do you think are the first ones to put up posts of pictures of her book on their lap or coffee table, if not the Creatives??? We need this!!!! and we all know this by now. I can not have more gratitude for this woman who wrote that book. (btw The Signature of All Things
 is one of my favorite novels of all times.) I can not be more thankful for her service into raising the issue of creative life all together. I want to live in a world with more of that and more of these people…I can not be more grateful for the reminder that I am creative and what it takes to be one. And besides gifts, I am buying two, not one hard copy of this book, for each of my kids. As a gift from me. Because it is timeless. It will be relevant tomorrow and as they grow up as well. And I want them to take these teachings in. To get more inspiration and more confirmation of what they already see and experience in our home. And her term “Have an affair with your creativity”???? Oh, that one fits me Perfect!

I am having one hell of an affair with my Self-Magic Playshop, Liz! A double one! One with my creativity and one with myself!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  Self-Magic Portraits Playshop started on Oct 13-18. It’s FREE. Next time it will not be.

No matter where you are. Whether you see your self as a creative or not, whether you need pictures for your website, or not, the Magic is here, all up in the air swirling like crazy, calling your name!!!

What are you going to do about it? Ah? What kind of Self-Magic can you create that it will also be a… BIG MAGIC??? I’d love to hear! Let me know in the comments! xoxoxo the_signature_logo_pink   The Tarot cards are from The Saki-Sakki Tarot, for the Artist in Each of Us. (NO coincidence, baby!)

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