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What will happen if you do it Long Enough?

What will happen if you do it Long Enough?

So, I started the 100 days of Do It With Color on IG. At the beginning I wasn’t sure it was a good idea. My main concern was that it would take too much time, and that it would become a distraction to all the other stuff I am working on…

Elizabeth Gilbert’s BIG MISTAKE

No matter where you are. Whether you see your self as a creative or not, whether you need pictures for your website, or not, the Magic is here, all up in the air swirling like crazy, calling your name!!!

Step by Step Space with Personality

Space with Personality – How do you REALLY go about it, I mean, so you will not find yourself sitting in the middle of your living room, coffee after coffee, wondering where to start till it becomes wine after wine…

Webinar Camping

aka PRESENCE OVER PROFESSIONALISM. How to navigate motherhood, timezones and value.

Stand by Your Art

The multi-dimensional benefits of NOT hiding. Stand By Your Art – Not behind it.

I ONLY CARE ABOUT what SHE would say.

I am fearful of her. I really am. I should not be though, as I should have great love for her, as she does for me. Or at least this is the way it should be, and this is a rare case where “shoulds” are acceptable.


Ready or not, know who you are. Respect the timing, respect what is calling you, listen to your inner rhythm. But if the idea of getting out there, picks your interest once in a while, then you need to make the leap and jump off the iceberg. You will never be the same again, NOR YOU’LL WISH YOU WERE.


Hugs, cuddles, kisses and holding hands. All that is what my son loves. And he loves to cling closely and tightly. His favorite is…

HOW I DISCOVERED MY BRAND (and rediscovered myself)

…Then somehow, out of nowhere, I decided to try and create some self-portraits. My first attempt was with wet hair and no makeup. I was just playing. The results were promising and I started developing a “look”. I kept doing this. More focused and with makeup this time, I explored my face, my style, my looks and the way I positioned myself.

PODCAST: Woo with Color

What happens when Woo and Color meet? Podcast with Monicka Clio Sakki – featured guest Licia Morelli


Your Favorite Color is the driving force towards a personal brand that connects. What if you have two?

COLOR DRIVEN: Denise Duffield-Thomas

When you look and listen at Denise DT you experience what I call a “sealed-deal”. Denise leaves no loose ends in the way she comes across and in her message. She marks her territory completely: Lucky in Blue.


I feel extra pressure today. I am hosting a Queen! The Queen of Hearts & Darts! Sigrun can’t imagine a world without RED.
Her heart, head and wardrobe, are all ruled by red!

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