written by a trilingual with no mother tongue.

Deep Writing Intensive: “FIVE COLORS”

Deep Writing Intensive: “FIVE COLORS” with Cigdem Kobu & Monicka Clio Sakki. We write together five personal narratives on one theme, in one group, for one week. April 24-30.

How to Work Your Creative Thread

If there is one thing I learned (both the easy and the hard way), is to trust my creative thread.
At the end of the day, by doing that I manage to produce my best work, make the biggest difference and I am also the happiest. You aren’t going to “pass” on that, are you??

The Best Advice I ever got on How to Stand Out

Back straight, heels touching, as I read my essay aloud. The elementary teacher’s name or face are not remembered. The topic of the essay is well forgotten. My slight anxiety has not become a significant memory. But this. This has been coming back. It surfaced a few...

HIDING: The Problem NOBODY has

I have never considered “hiding” as one of my problems. Definitely not the kind of problem that “keeps you up at night”. Have YOU?

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