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Self-Magic: The Art of Seeing + Showing Who You Are
so that you can channel creativity, play, purpose and healing to the way you make money and change the world.

Ready to remember your playfulness?

Say hello to eye-opening, game changing creative expression and massive confidence.
 Here you will find color-centered mentorship, creative immersions and brand epiphanies tailored to business women.

Turn your business into your most colorful, meaningful, profitable and creative expression.

I work with COLOR

This is my official tool of creation. I am a devotee. I love that it’s so accessible and universal. Colors make up your flag, identity and style. Colors make you visible and expressive. Colors even control traffic!



olor is the perfect tool for transformation. It’s both physical and metaphorical. It spells any mood and has the power to evoke another. Color can get your innocence, your fire and your witch out, without much foreplay.

How I work with COLOR

cook it! Deep purple soup anyone? While I create my Art I play matchmaker between colors.  When it comes to Self-Portraits and anything Self-Expression, color is the secret trigger, guiding force and amplifier. The result? Instant mojo, out of your head and on to surprise yourself! Personal Brand building? Pick your favorite color and let’s break some rules! Color-Centered Mentorship? What’s thaaat??? Gain vivid eye-openers about your visibility, a project you are working on, a change of direction, a discovery that will lead you to a life of more of what you want… Let’s get cookin’, yes? Jump HERE.

This is my very special gift to you! It's not something you would find as the first thing in a website, and definitely not for FREE.

But hey, I am that way!

p.s: This works even if you are not sure you are hiding...

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Where can I send you the FREE guide?

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